Why I Like Wattpad

Well hey, glad to see I didn’t get any hate for the last one! That’s always nice. Not having hate, I mean, not having hate…

So, anyway, today are some reasons why I like Wattpad, to counteract the last one, cause, you know, the more I looked on the site after that, the worse I felt about it. I’m sorry, Wattpad *pats on head*.

Firstly, if you can get your story out there, it gives you a great readership. Many of the stories on there have thousands of reads (though these are added up chapter by chapter, not one read for the whole book). And, if you get a lot of reads, you can be noticed by actual publishers – I once read an article in SHOUT Magazine, and there was another in a different magazine that I can’t remember the name of where teens were found and had their stories published. There was actually (SHOCK, HORROR!) a good One Direction fanfiction, and the author was commissioned to write a boy band novel! How cool would that be, though, seriously. That would be fuckin’ awesome.

Secondly, there are a good array of books on there, if you can get past the shitty ones. I once read one called ‘White Lies’ which I quite liked, and then there was ‘Waiting’ and a collection of LGBQT stories that rocked. It offers a good, free read when you can’t afford books, too!

Thirdly, their mobile equivalent isn’t too bad. Alright, maybe it’s a bit dicky trying to look up your own works and edit them, but reading others is great. It’s basically the only place I read them!

Fourthly, this is a better place for longer books, unlike ones like FictionPress.com, or Fanfiction.net, as they have a lot of one shots and short stories. So if you actually want a good, long read: here is your place to go!

Finally, the Watty Awards get a really big hype, so congrats to anyone that’s won them! I don’t tend to really look at them, as I’ve never had any reason to, I guess, but yeah – and you could even get your book published from that.

So, those are my reasons why I like Wattpad, as opposed to don’t. Overall? I guess I have to say I’m 50-50. I’d use it and read stuff on it, but I don’t think it would be my favourite just yet! Next two days, I might evaluate Miss Literati, who knows?!

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Wattpad - I'm 50-50.
Wattpad – I’m 50-50.

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