To Warm Frozen Fingers: COMPLETED!

To Warm Frozen Fingers COMPLETEMy quest of something which took 73 days longer than anticipated (due to procrastination, mwhahaha – don’t ever say that procrastination isn’t incredible!) is over, finally over! Because yesterday, February 29th 2016 (the last day of winter) I published the last story in my 23 day short story challenge which became to be known as To Warm Frozen Fingers.

Since November 25th 2015, I have tried to complete this challenge and although it’s been hard and stuff along the way, I didn’t feel much like writing, the winter blues drove me crazy… I actually finished something I set out to doContinue reading “To Warm Frozen Fingers: COMPLETED!”

Setting Goals for the New Year!

setting goals for the nyAlthough technically it’s the 22nd January 2016, the New Year has yet to get fully underway, so it’s totally fine to be setting New Year goals now. Especially if you forgot (which, I’d like to point out, I didn’t but I didn’t blog about it on here, because I am not very good at that. As you well know).

Plenty of New Years posts have gone up around the web (I’ve seen so many I’ve lost track) including those resolutions. Some of them have been dedicated to write, some reading, some life in general etc. But sometimes it’s really super difficult to come up with resolutions/goals, especially if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing. SO I’M HERE TO HELP!

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Some Really Cool Writing Websites

Most writing nowadays is done on a laptop, tablet or computer. Even if it’s written by hand, it’s generally typed up. The internet is a fantastic way to get in touch with your fans on social media, and even some literary agents have started to use Twitter to find their clients! But if you’re not using social media (which, by the way, can be a massive distraction, so be careful!), what can you be using which will help you in your writing adventure?

  1. Celtx. You probably haven’t heard of this one, but by goodness I love this website. I use it for all of my scripts (it was my best friend and saved my ass during Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 when I wrote my first full-length film script using the program) but you can use it for your novel, comic, stageplay, etc. It’s designed to be used online, but you can download the program and work offline if you so wish (which I have also done). And the best part? It’s freeee! Well, the free program is, anyway: like many things, you can pay to upgrade and use all of the extra cool features. I haven’t done that, so I can’t say much about the extra features, but even these features are pretty damn awesome.
  2. Wattpad. You probably have heard of this one. The famous Wattpad. Authors like Beth Reekles were discovered on it, but even if you’re a published and established author, you can use this platform to your advantage. For example, you can publish an extra short story or back story to one of your characters, or put up the first couple of chapters for free so people can try before they buy. Wattpad is probably primarily used by teenagers, so if you’re aiming at the younger generation, then it’s also perfect. Also freeeee.
  3. Writers Online. This is the counter part of Writing Magazine, a UK magazine aimed at, obviously, writers. It’s pretty cool (I subscribe!). This doesn’t really have any writing advice per se, but it has some competitions, and a list of events which you can, obviously attend. It’s just a cool one to know, to be honest, much like…
  4. Writer’s Digest. I’m going to be honest: I have yet to properly explore this website! I probably should because it’s quite famous and pretty damn cool looking anyway, but I haven’t yet jumped on this ship. However, I am referencing it in a college project because one of its articles was really helpful, and maybe I shouldn’t be basing my opinion of a whole website on one article, but it kind of gives it a little indication of what’s in store on this website.

There are plenty of other websites out there, but these are just a few to get you started, and are probably some of the biggest ones. Celtx is a personal favourite, and if you’re writing scripts especially I sincerely recommend it. (Word is a program, but is good for novels.) I am a member on Wattpad, but don’t like it too much. Writers Online – obvious like, and it’s quite good to enter all of the subscriber competitions I forgot about. Writer’s Digest, as aforementioned, is an as-yet unexplored realm for me, but I look forward to having a look around it in the near future.

What about you? What are your favourite writing websites (oh, obviously aside from WordPress!)? Do you know any I’ve written about here, or are they new to you? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Why I Like Wattpad

Well hey, glad to see I didn’t get any hate for the last one! That’s always nice. Not having hate, I mean, not having hate…

So, anyway, today are some reasons why I like Wattpad, to counteract the last one, cause, you know, the more I looked on the site after that, the worse I felt about it. I’m sorry, Wattpad *pats on head*.

Firstly, if you can get your story out there, it gives you a great readership. Many of the stories on there have thousands of reads (though these are added up chapter by chapter, not one read for the whole book). And, if you get a lot of reads, you can be noticed by actual publishers – I once read an article in SHOUT Magazine, and there was another in a different magazine that I can’t remember the name of where teens were found and had their stories published. There was actually (SHOCK, HORROR!) a good One Direction fanfiction, and the author was commissioned to write a boy band novel! How cool would that be, though, seriously. That would be fuckin’ awesome.

Secondly, there are a good array of books on there, if you can get past the shitty ones. I once read one called ‘White Lies’ which I quite liked, and then there was ‘Waiting’ and a collection of LGBQT stories that rocked. It offers a good, free read when you can’t afford books, too!

Thirdly, their mobile equivalent isn’t too bad. Alright, maybe it’s a bit dicky trying to look up your own works and edit them, but reading others is great. It’s basically the only place I read them!

Fourthly, this is a better place for longer books, unlike ones like, or, as they have a lot of one shots and short stories. So if you actually want a good, long read: here is your place to go!

Finally, the Watty Awards get a really big hype, so congrats to anyone that’s won them! I don’t tend to really look at them, as I’ve never had any reason to, I guess, but yeah – and you could even get your book published from that.

So, those are my reasons why I like Wattpad, as opposed to don’t. Overall? I guess I have to say I’m 50-50. I’d use it and read stuff on it, but I don’t think it would be my favourite just yet! Next two days, I might evaluate Miss Literati, who knows?!

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Wattpad - I'm 50-50.
Wattpad – I’m 50-50.

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Why I Dislike Wattpad

First of all, before you carry on reading, let us just remember those who sacrificed their lives in wars around the world. 

"For your tomorrows, these gave their today."
“For your tomorrows, these gave their today.”


Now, don’t get me wrong, I will probably use Wattpad a lot some day, perhaps in the near future, but I have to say, there are many things I don’t like about it (amongst the things that I do, which will be tomorrow’s post, no doubt!). Please don’t unfollow me over this, after all, I’m just voicing my opinions (damn I hate risky posts).

To start with, the amount of shitty stories on there is amazing, seriously. I’m not trying to be harsh, but someone using abbreviations such as ‘u’ in the place of ‘you’ makes my blood boil (not literally, cause that’s probably bad for my health). But many Tumblr users have probably seen the paragraph with the One Direction fanfiction about a girl called ‘Chloe’. Besides from the grammar, spelling and punctuation, there are many shallow characters and plots – and don’t get me started on the band fanfiction (see above line). I’m not saying that all of it is bad. Just some. But it’s that some that irks me.

Secondly, the covers you use on your ‘book’ make the difference in the world: unless you’re a popular author from another story, or you ‘advertise’ everywhere, then it’s unlikely to get read. Same with the title. But we’re not all photoshop wizards, and sometimes the best you can do is a crappy go on Pizap or using Wattpad’s own.

Thirdly, it’s confusingly set out, and clicking one thing might take you to another. After a while, I guess you’d get used to it, and find it a lot easier, but I have found when publishing my stories that it really didn’t work as easily as I thought it would. Disappointing for a website with such a lot of coverage.

Fourthly, the ‘stories you might enjoy’ thing just doesn’t work. I enjoy only one or two of the stories sent to me, and then only every few months or so. I get that Wattpad are trying to get their name out, but an article or a more bigged-up blog might do that better!

Finally, it took me about 5 tries to actually upload a story to their site, and now, just going back to it (I haven’t written anything worth publishing in a while, so haven’t used that part for a bit) I can’t actually find the part to upload a cover for it. Huh. Some ‘easy’ site!

So yes. And, coming up tomorrow: ‘Why I Like Wattpad’!

And coming up tomorrow: Why I Like Wattpad!
And coming up tomorrow: Why I Like Wattpad!

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PS sorry for the negative post, my exams started today and I had to suffer through a rather depressing article on Glastonbury Festival. And I am not looking forward to History, Food Technology and Biology tomorrow…

PPS I was very scared about publishing this post by the way…