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Sprinkled With Words is aimed at writers, young and old and everyone who wants to be here! Besides writing advice, book discussions and book reviews also take place, and a guest blogging option has been recently put on for you to partake in. Sprinkled With Words was born in October 2013 and has been running since, with great readers (yes, that’s you!) and, I hope, interesting and helpful content!

About the Owner


I’m Hannah. I’m 19, female, from England UK and a little bit mad (but don’t worry, all the best people are). I like writing, reading, and killing characters. I also like making characters. So I guess it’s a vicious circle.

I used to blog at Laura Thomas Communications, and I hope to be a published author some day. I’m currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university. The advice I post helps me as much as I hope it helps you, so enjoy the site!

If you would like to contact me…: (alternatively, click ‘Find Me!‘ at the top)

Message me on Twitter: @MB1098

Add me on NaNoWriMo – MidnightBeast1098.

Message me on Instagram: MidnightBeast1098.

Or comment below! I love hearing from you all. 🙂


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Heya! I just randomly stumbled on your blog by reading your comment someplace. And BAM, reading the name, I needed to check this place out! Reminded me of my little internet nest 😀 But phew. Definitely glad I did, it’s nice to see other young, like-minded “mad” humans out there 😉

  2. Hi Hannah. Pleased to meet you! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for following my blog. I really like your blog. I see you’re reading The Mark of Athena and Ketchup Clouds. I’m really interested in your thoughts on the latter. I hope you post a review or comments when you’re done reading. As to Rick Riordan, I love all his books. 🙂 Enjoy reading, and thanks again for following! 🙂

    1. Haha, thank you for linking me up to your blog (in your latest post)! Thanks, that mean’s a lot. And I’m just trying to fit reading The Mark of Athena in around my revision! I quite like Ketchup Clouds, as in the idea, but the style really bothers me, it’s so slow, I’m finding it very hard to read. And I’m 15, and I don’t think I would write like that! I love Rick Riordan’s books, too – I thought Percy Jackson and the Olympians was hilarious! Thank you, and it’s a pleasure. 🙂

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