Why I Dislike Wattpad

First of all, before you carry on reading, let us just remember those who sacrificed their lives in wars around the world. 

"For your tomorrows, these gave their today."
“For your tomorrows, these gave their today.”


Now, don’t get me wrong, I will probably use Wattpad a lot some day, perhaps in the near future, but I have to say, there are many things I don’t like about it (amongst the things that I do, which will be tomorrow’s post, no doubt!). Please don’t unfollow me over this, after all, I’m just voicing my opinions (damn I hate risky posts).

To start with, the amount of shitty stories on there is amazing, seriously. I’m not trying to be harsh, but someone using abbreviations such as ‘u’ in the place of ‘you’ makes my blood boil (not literally, cause that’s probably bad for my health). But many Tumblr users have probably seen the paragraph with the One Direction fanfiction about a girl called ‘Chloe’. Besides from the grammar, spelling and punctuation, there are many shallow characters and plots – and don’t get me started on the band fanfiction (see above line). I’m not saying that all of it is bad. Just some. But it’s that some that irks me.

Secondly, the covers you use on your ‘book’ make the difference in the world: unless you’re a popular author from another story, or you ‘advertise’ everywhere, then it’s unlikely to get read. Same with the title. But we’re not all photoshop wizards, and sometimes the best you can do is a crappy go on Pizap or using Wattpad’s own.

Thirdly, it’s confusingly set out, and clicking one thing might take you to another. After a while, I guess you’d get used to it, and find it a lot easier, but I have found when publishing my stories that it really didn’t work as easily as I thought it would. Disappointing for a website with such a lot of coverage.

Fourthly, the ‘stories you might enjoy’ thing just doesn’t work. I enjoy only one or two of the stories sent to me, and then only every few months or so. I get that Wattpad are trying to get their name out, but an article or a more bigged-up blog might do that better!

Finally, it took me about 5 tries to actually upload a story to their site, and now, just going back to it (I haven’t written anything worth publishing in a while, so haven’t used that part for a bit) I can’t actually find the part to upload a cover for it. Huh. Some ‘easy’ site!

So yes. And, coming up tomorrow: ‘Why I Like Wattpad’!

And coming up tomorrow: Why I Like Wattpad!
And coming up tomorrow: Why I Like Wattpad!

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PS sorry for the negative post, my exams started today and I had to suffer through a rather depressing article on Glastonbury Festival. And I am not looking forward to History, Food Technology and Biology tomorrow…

PPS I was very scared about publishing this post by the way…

12 thoughts on “Why I Dislike Wattpad

  1. Hello again! I did eventually get my story back and then everything was fine for a couple of years (2016-2018) (thank you for the, reply I couldn’t find this site again, my apologies.)

    This year (2020) Wattpad has been breached by hackers and millions of accounts have been broken into!

    Thus us a big issue with me, the problems on the site, have been, growing and it’s onky snowballed from there

    1. The advertising has increased. It’s gone from banner adds to full pop up ads, in peoples stories and 99.99% of the writes aren’t being paid, for this! I am not a pack mule. 😡
    Lets see writes spend weeks or even years on, their books and wattpad makes money off of us? How is thait fair?

    2. The whole selling point, of the site and app was that books were free to read online and offline. Last year or so (maybe a bit sooner) they made it so you can onky read 2 storys offline if you wanted more thain you had to get a premium account for $4.99 (now it’s $5.99 or something .) Again writers don’t get paid.

    3. Many accounts books have disappeared, or the, whole accounts and the once helpfull and kind people of Wattpad support are gone, so people aren’t getting any help ir worse told they deserve this., This us a comple 360° behavior from before.

    (My account is fine but many others aren’t.)

    I know the people that worked in Wattpad support were, awsome because I once had a my book Plagiarized ona non english website (along with other books!) It took weeks but, they took care of it and got the books taken off.

    That’s a pretty steep fall from grace there (the, support people.)

    4. The wattpad app kept getting bigger, when I deleted it *crys* yesterday my phone space went up .2 GB that’s a lot, for one app right? Eek.

    5. The completely deleted the Community Fourms! They claim it’s due to bullying but to me it feels like they are trying to keep people quiet about something.

    6. Not my readers /audience oh their’s popular fantasy books on their and mine was #515 (like 20k reads after 4 years? Ew!) in a caragory but it never gained much traction on there. It’s time to move on.

    I’m on another site now and onday 5 I already hit 450 reads and 4 followers that’s WAY faster then on Wattpad. 5 days?! It took me months to get that many reads on Wattpad.

    I don’t feel safe on the site anymore I saved my book on my oc, then deleted the book on there. Am keeping my account for a while just incase any followers want to talk. (I’ll be deleting my acount in a few days.

    7. Even Watty award winners arnt getting paid, nor are Wattpad stars. Search up Exposing Wattpad on youtube it’s the video with a girl drinking tea. (hea.)

    Do please be careful of any writing platforms and keep in mind we don’t need them they need us.

    (Search up writers sacred cows) awsome website.

  2. Wattpad reminds me of a publisher’s slush pile. All writers have to start somewhere so that I don’t mind, but it’s the immature users on that site that make being there the worse. Most of the comments are stupid, it’s drama filled, and writers who write poorly written stories are getting paid. Sometimes I wonder why I bother taking writing classes and improving my craft when I can just write, “Dont u no wha I mean?”

    1. Oh gosh, yes definitely. All the spam accounts, stories and comments are awful too. Sometimes I find a really good story and a good person on there, but mostly I stay away now. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I’m not happy with Wattpad and if they don’t fix my problem I will hate them for wasting my time and getting my hopes up. Yesterday at around 9am I was in my editor working my story and the page refreshed. I was booted out to the main Wattpad login page. I can’t log in, i tried every password I know of, and use the password recover with every email i have. If I search for my story it’s not there, same with my account. I went and searched in Google, the same.

    I’ve send emails to the Wattpad support team, and to them on twitter. To get to the point, go and save your stories on your computer right now! More and more members are suddenly loosing their accounts look here:

    Knowledge Base – Wattpad Community Help

    It’s an epidemic or something. O.O My account name was darkocen, the story: Soul Tear it had almost 13k readers 250 votes and 200+ comments it was in the wattys and I was almost finished with it. Do not join Wattpad right now, something is seriously wrong. I had a strong password so?

    I’m a nice member and always followed the rules on the site. I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m angry. Good thing I save my wip occasionally on my computer … I hope they fix this, otherwise I’m never joining again, I don’t have time to mess around with a website that can’t protect it’s members. *Gerr*

    1. Oh no, that’s awful! I hope they respond to you soon and you can get it fixed ❤ If you're worried about the slow response time, it might just be because it's happening to a lot of people. It hasn't happened to my account but thank you for letting me know about this! Thankfully, I, like you, have everything backed up but it's always important to save your work. I hope your story gets recovered, but if not please don't get downhearted! ❤

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