Just a quick post because I have to go out: LAST POST OF NABLOPOMO! I’ve done it! 😀 Yay!

I am, actually, rather proud of myself; it’s been a lot harder than I expected.

And, NaNoWriMo: I DID THAT, TOO! With 20,063 words.

Very proud of myself.

Thanks guys; hope you all did brilliantly! 🙂

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Yay! :)
Yay! 🙂

To Draw or Not To Draw…?

Hallo! Who here is a good artist/likes to draw?

Because I would absolutely love to be able to draw all of my characters!

So, what’s my challenge for Christmas day? Be able to draw my characters with a pretty good degree of skill! Ha! This is gonna be a heck of a challenge. 😀

But, you know, I’m looking forward to it.

And I think that my main challenge is going to be the hardest: I want to be able to draw Matt Smith before, or on, Christmas Day with pretty good skill for a ‘Goodbye Eleven’ for Doctor Who!

Can’t wait.

Keep writing – NaNoWriMo finishes tomorrow! How are you guys going for it?

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I Had a Topic, I Swear….

Ok guys, honestly, I swear I had a topic for today.

But you know what? Eh, heh, I forgot it.


*Holds hands up in defeat*

Basically, that’s what your writing ideas do. You have them, they’re brilliant, awesome; and then, if you don’t write them down, well, you forget them. And, believe me, they don’t come back.

So what do you do?

Always carry something to write with, and something to write onSeriously, even next to your bed when you’re sleeping; so you can do it whilst you’re in the bath or shower; and at your school or work place. Just make sure that you can capture your idea in a word or two, at the very least, so you can remember it later!

But what do I do if I really forget it?” 

Well, why not go back to where you were when you had the idea? Maybe that’ll help you remember it. Or listen to a song that you think may remind you of it; perhaps ask someone, and see if you told them.

Also, if you have an idea, think it aloud. You have no idea how well it’ll help you remember it! Why not tell someone it, too – then, if you do forget it, you can just ask them and hope that they know what on earth you’re on about.

Basically, this post summed up in a sentence: don’t forget your ideas!

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First Printed Article!

Wow, ok. So, I got home today to find our district’s ‘Parish News’ on the counter. I sent in an article about my Explorer Troop (Phoenix) a while ago – and it got printed!

So yes, this is my first ever printed article in a magazine. 🙂 It had two of my pictures in in the actual article – and then one in colour on the back!

I was very pleased. ^_^

Anyone here been printed?

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Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry – they were taken on my phone.

The article :)
The article 🙂First ever article colour photo


Said Sirius Seriously

I, for one, am one of those who believe that everyone has read Harry Potter, so if you haven’t… Have fun.

That’s not even what this post is about, actually, so I don’t know why I started with that. This post is about using other words instead of ‘said’, because, let’s face it, that word is boooooooooooring.

I know some authors publish their ‘tips’ and say, ‘Only use the word ‘said’, otherwise it takes away from the story,’ but I think that using other words apart from ‘said’ is the one that makes it more fun.

So, what can you use other than said?

Well, here’s 3 for starters: chuckled, replied, asked. Now, don’t those look more fun than ‘said’? And if you really can’t think of anything other than ‘said’, add in an adverb, like ‘seriously’ (see title).

And I’m not saying that using the word ‘said’ is taboo – I mean, it can be used occasionally, I do sometimes – but please don’t make it every word used to, supposedly, describe the speech. Have you ever read Harry Potter? Though I love the books, so much, pretty much the only word JKR uses is ‘said’. Urgh. Boring.

Admittedly, it did never stop me reading them, but y’know.

So yes, that’s just a few ideas on what to do to improve your writing. If you ever do get stuck on more words needed in place of ‘said’, then why not Google it? There’s a whole world of words out there. Promise.

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Back Into The Writing Pool

WOW that was an awful title…

But yes, I am back into the pool of writing and publishing my fanfictional stories onto websites! Yay!

I find a buzz when writing and publishing fanfictional stories on the net, mainly because I tend to get a feedback – from at least one person – and because it’s just seeing your work out there, isn’t it? My original stories – not so much. But fanfiction? Oh, yes.

If you want a good feedback, though, I find that you have to get your fandoms right. For example, if you’re a fan of, I don’t know, Charlotte’s Web – well, sucks to be you, because there are 4 fanfictions of that on fanfiction.net. So, if you do write that sort of fanfiction, no offense, but you’re unlikely to get a readership.

However, if you’re part of the fandom of Harry Potter, for example – we are still reigning supreme on 664k (I admit, I did a little cheer when I read this. We have not been beaten by Twilight yet!). So you’re very likely to get a few readers – providing your summary is good, but that’s for another post.

Any other tips for writing fanfictions? Make sure you know where you’re posting it – some sites, like Archive of our Own, don’t tend to have as many OC (own character) stories, whereas Fanfiction.net does. Fanfiction.net supposedly doesn’t tolerate MA ratings, but AO3 does.

Oh, and make sure you know the characters. If you’re going to have OOCness (out of character-ness) then make sure you warn your readers – cause some don’t like it.

That’s as much as I can think of right now; I am very shattered.

Oh, one last thing – What did I publish?

I published a Teen Wolf fanfiction! 😀 Yay, first one published! You can read it here at fanfiction.net or here on Archive of our Own. 🙂

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Are Characters Even Human?

First, before you go ranting to me about how ‘It’s real for us!’, don’t worry, that’s not what this post is about (though, thinking about it, I might do a post on that…). This post is about how human characters are in writing.

What I mean is, sometimes when you read a book, it seems like that characters are, I don’t know, Minecraft ones, who can just go go go. They never sleep, or eat, or poop. I get that writing this such as these can be boring (or disgusting) but please – make them human.

‘BUT HOW?!’ you cry.


If they’ve been up all night, say breaking into the library to do research, or sneaking out to see their partner, have them with huge bags under their eyes, and yawning at every break. If they’ve just been running from the bad guy, have them needing a drink and then, just a bit later, bursting for the loo. And remember, if they don’t sleep for three days, they’re not gonna be running very well on pure adrenaline.

And remember, people do eat – your character can’t live off thin air.

You don’t have to put in every time a character does something like pee or eat or sleep, but make it so your readers know they’re not super heroes. For example, you don’t have to write, ‘I sat down and ate a dinner of tomato pasta I had cooked for myself with grated cheese. I had a glass of orange juice. After I had finished my meal, I went to the loo,’ but perhaps something like, ‘I grabbed a bagel on my way out, eating it as I walked down the path.’ (And no, that is not how I write – I write much better (I hope).)

Just do enough to make them seem real. If your character manages to go for days without food or water without breaking a sweat, chances are, at least one or two readers will notice and perhaps question it.

So yeah.

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Which Witch is Which?

So, ’cause I can’t think of much to write today – and I’m too tired to do much else, plus watching Doctor Who (yay!) – I thought I would go through four very confused different types of words (if that made any sense whatsoever).

First up: which witch is which?

  • Witch – a being that can harness/use magic. Hermione Granger is one of these.
  • Which – ‘which one do you want’? Either or, mostly used in a question. Actually, I can’t think of a place that ‘which’ isn’t used as a question, apart from with that oddly named shop.

Second: They’re, there and their.

  • There – ‘ooh, look, Sandra’s over there!’ A place where someone or something is.
  • Their – ‘it’s their cat’. Object or person belonging to a group of people.
  • They’re – ‘they’re a bit weird, aren’t they?’ Shortened form of ‘they are’. Can be used as two words, but ‘they’re’ is more commonly used nowadays.

Third: too, two and to.

  • Too – ‘too much’. Pretty self-explanatory, too much of something.
  • Two – two things (2).
  • To – eg sending a letter to someone. Basically, a use of the word ‘to’ that isn’t one of the above.

Forth: it’s or its.

  • It’s – short form of it is.
  • Its – possession. If you’re not sure if it needs an apostrophe or not, then try splitting it up into two different works. If it works, it needs an apostrophe. If it doesn’t, then obviously it doesn’t.

So yes, I hope that that’s helpful! Any others? 🙂

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Rules Of Speech

One thing that really irks me (good word, ‘irk’. IRK.) in book or online story is when the rules of speech aren’t followed, or are done wrong. So, I thought I’d go through them now, because I can’t STAND it when they’re wrong. Sorry, this may be more of a rant. I apologise in advance, as I have already done so, apparently.

If someone is talking, and it finishes on a full stop with a ‘he/she’ after, then it is a comma, and the ‘he/she’ is lower case. For example:

“Wow, really interesting,” she said, sarcastically.

If someone is talking, it finishes on a full stop, and has a name or ‘I’ after it, it is still a comma. Example:

“Wow, really interesting,” Laura said sarcastically.

If this is the other way around (you’ll see what I mean in a minute) then it is still a comma, although the first word in the speech is a capital letter. Example:

Sarcastically, Laura said, “Wow, really interesting.”

Oh, and even if the punctuation is not a comma, it’s still lower case after it if it’s not a name! Eg:

“That’s awesome!” she declared.

Finally, if someone new is speaking, start a new line! Seriously, this is really annoying and hard to follow the story when someone doesn’t do this! So, even if it is only one or two new words in each line: DO IT!

Hope that helped, sorry it was so short!

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Effect vs. Affect

When I googled this for some defined rules, it was the second top, just as I typed in ‘the difference between’. And it’s no wonder why, with these two dicky words causing English students more stress than if they were designing a meal for Gordon Ramsay.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, I’ll tell you the difference.

In general terms, ‘affect’ is used as a verb (‘to affect’ something) whilst ‘effect’ is used as a noun (‘an effect’ on something). 

“But what if I can’t tell?” I hear you ask. Well, there’s two ways  I can give to help you out:

  • Read it aloud and see which bit fits better.
  • Ask an English teacher.

Though if English teachers are in short supply, reading it aloud is good, too. Try it both ways – normally, that works well for me, though if that still doesn’t work…

Try adding another word in place of it.

Like, if you think it might be ‘affect’ but you’re not sure, add another verb in it’s place, and see if it works (obviously it won’t make much sense, but it’ll be enough to tell you if it’s right or not).

So yes, I hope that helped, as I know ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ are two biggies that need to be distinguished. Should I do others (eg which witch is which, they’re, their and there) or not?


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