Blogging Hiatus

Hey, guys.

Huh, this is harder than I thought to write. Probably why I’ve put it off for so long…

Okay this sounds super dramatic. It’s not really, but still.

If you can’t tell from the title, I am going on a blogging hiatus. Not forever – the word “hiatus” kind of tells you I’m coming back. But I am going to be gone – mostly – until July 2nd 2016.

Why? Because I have these annoying things called exams. They’re driving me crazy already but unfortunately I have to do well in them to get to university. I’ve made a deal with my mum to not blog on here, and not to write book reviews (although my GoodReads will still be updated) until my exams are over. My book reviews I feel are actually getting kind of repetitive, so perhaps a hiatus will help.

I’ll still be blogging occasionally on my other blog, but again it won’t be as often (to be honest I haven’t been doing it very often anyway…), and I’ll try and keep up with my YouTube channel but again I am terrible at that, too…

So basically, aside from on Instagram, I’m having a mostly-complete hiatus from blogging and all that jazz. I’m still writing, so that’s good (otherwise I think it’s highly possible I would go insane) but other than that, it’s all work, work, work.

I’m actually amazed that this blog has been getting continuous views over the past month where I haven’t blogged anyway, so I thank you for continuing to look and the fact that you keep on coming back! I hope I have your support in this decision too.

Have a fun few months, guys, and I’ll check in in July!😀

I Went AWOL and I Apologise: An Update

Hi guys,

So this is a kind of open letter, and you can read the one I wrote on my other blog here.

Basically, I want to apologise for being a bit, well, not a very good blogger lately (that was terrible English but I’m tired ok). It’s annoying for me, because I had a couple of good ideas this week (which I will write up sometime) and it might be annoying for you if you happen to look forward to my content (that’d be awesome if you were, actually… wow).

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Book Review: Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

IMG_6416When Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong set up a secret detective agency at Deepdean School for Girls, they struggle to find a truly exciting case. That is, until Hazel discovers the body of their science mistress, Miss Bell – and when they return five minutes later, the body is gone. Now the girls have to solve a murder and prove a murder happened in the first place, before the killer strikes again. Will they succeed? And can their friendship stand the test? – adapted from back of book

Wow. Wooooooow. This is the probably the first true 5 stars I’ve given this year, because you know what? I couldn’t find a flaw with this book.

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On Improving The Speed of Your Writing (Part 1)

speed of writing part 1Sometimes you see posts about people writing 10k a day, and you probably think to yourself, “What?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!” Well, to be honest, for most people it isn’t. I know I probably could write 10k a day, but I don’t.

I write around 2k if I’m writing stories, and that takes me around an hour or possibly two. Even that might seem a lot to some of you, and I know that because I’ve been told that I write exceedingly fast (somehow, considering how often I procrastinate… actually, that’s probably why I manage to write so fast…). So, I have resolved to put some of my tips into this here post to try and help you all out! J Also, if you can write very fast, then why not let me know your tips in the comment section below? Other people might find them helpful too!😀 Continue reading

DNF’ing Books?

Nowadays, I strive to always finish a book, no matter how long it takes. Pride and Prejudice famously took me three months and a few days to read, and there is only one (or maybe two) books on my bookshelf which I haven’t read. However, as I write this, I am struggling through George Orwell’s A Clergyman’s Daughter. Even though I’ve just got to the good bit.

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Book Review: Shattered by Teri Terry


Ignore how weird my thumb looks… Dx

Kyla was Slated: her mind was wiped clean by the government. When forbidden memories of a violent past began to surface, so did doubts: could she trust those to care for, like Ben? Helped by friends in MIA, she goes undercover, searching for her past and evading authorities who want her dead. But the truth Kyla seeks is more shocking than she imagined as the Slated trilogy concludes. – from back of book, modified.


Okay. O-kay. So this is a review of the last in the Slated trilogy and is the only review I’ve done of them, for two reasons. 1) I’m lazy and procrastinate book reviews all the time and didn’t get around to it. 2) These are easy books to forget! I got lost in character names and the plot. So when it’d been a couple of months, I knew I’d only be able to do a vague review, so I just didn’t do one. But not this time! Mwhahaha.

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Lack of Internet//An Update

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting (although I’m pretty sure I scheduled a book review… but I haven’t checked). I’ve had no internet at home (the BT WiFi hotspot thingy is down, which kinda sucks so we’re on an unsecured network I don’t want to use on my laptop) and I keep forgetting when I’m at college (aside from now, of course!).

Anyway. I’m going to try and schedule some posts for next week, so you’ll have something to look forward to *wink wink*.

I just thought I’d let you all know that’s why I haven’t been posting, and I’m sorry! Stay tuned, folks…😀

(PS, Happy Pancake Day! What’re you giving up for Lent? I’m going for chocolate this year!)