Book Review | Enola Holmes #1 (The Case of the Missing Marquess) by Nancy Springer

Enola Holmes’ mother is missing. After her older brothers, the famous Sherlock and Mycroft, arrive back at Enola’s childhood home, much is destined to change. And Enola cannot let it. Her brothers do not seem concerned about her mother, so it is up to Enola to take matters into her own hands.

I read this book after watching Netflix’s film adaptation, but let me tell you: you should definitely read the book first. Why? Because it’s actually a bit disappointing in comparison to Millie Bobby Brown’s incredible adaption!

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A New Book Box! | Books By Nature February 2021 | Alternate Realities

Today I am super excited to be sharing with you an unboxing of a new UK book box called Books by Nature! I found this book box on Instagram and bought their first box which arrived in February.

This book box is bi-monthly, so releases every other month. At present, you have to buy each box individually, although I think I’ll want to get every release of this box so I hope a subscription will be added in the future!

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Book Review | The Haunting of Alma Fielding by Kate Summerscale

In 1938, Alma Fielding had a problem. Objects were being thrown; scratches were appearing on her body; her family began to fear for their lives. Alma Fielding had a poltergeist, a manic spirit that was keen to cause havoc. As war approaches and the haunting gets worse, Nandor Fodor, a Jewish-Hungarian ghost hunter, intervenes to try and help her. But is Alma Fielding all that she seems?

I am a bit fan of true crime, and as this book was advertised as a true crime/true ghost story, I snapped it up! I had also read Summerscale’s The Suspicions of Mr Whicher which I loved, so I had high hopes for this book. It did not disappoint.

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UNBOXING | Books That Matter February 2021 | GIRL, GODDESS, OTHER

Today I am going to be sharing my unboxing of Books That Matter’s February 2021 box! The theme of this month was GIRL, GODDESS, OTHER.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box! I thought it was very aesthetically pleasing in lovely lilac colours, and the contents all worked really well together. Sometimes I think you can get book boxes that look like 7 different people each added an item, but not here.

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BLOG TOUR | Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton | including Author Interview!

Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton hosted by MTMC Tours! Kill or Cure is the gut-wrenching first book in the Kill or Cure post-apocalyptic dystopian teen fiction series. If you like feisty young heroines, struggles against chaos, and teenage love, then you’ll adore Pixie Britton’s action-packed trilogy! The ebook is ON SALE for 99p during the tour!

Thank you so much to MTMC Tours for inviting me to take part!

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Talking About My Recent Bookish Photos!

I’ve recently started posting on my bookstagram again, so I thought a nice return to blogging would be sharing some of my most recent pictures!

I’ve been loving the “vintage” style of bookish photography with warm brown tones, doilies, dried roses, and book pages. But I also like the “quieter”, “clean” style of photos with white backgrounds and bright colours.

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Lockdown 2 Book Haul

Just before the second UK lockdown started, I was able to venture into a Waterstones and purchased some books! It’s weird going back into “the outside world” but I was very excited to pick these up. I haven’t finished any yet, but I’ve got all of that to look forward to…

PINE // Francine Toon

I’ve heard so much about this book! Apparently it’s a ghost story/thriller set in Scotland. The cover itself is super spooky too. The protagonist’s mother went missing when she was young, and now with another woman going missing, could secrets about to be discovered?

THE CONFESSION // Jessie Burton

I won’t lie to you – I mostly have no idea what this book is about. However, The Miniaturist is one of my favourite books. This book is about a mysterious writer and it’s about an old mystery (already sensing a theme…) being solved, so right up my street.

NINTH HOUSE // Leigh Bardugo

This is the adult debut from one of my favourite YA authors! I think it’s going to be pretty spooky. Our main character, Alex Stern, is given a full scholarship to university – with a catch. She must spy on 8 secret, occult societies. It has had incredible reviews and I cannot wait.


Kate Summerscale is one of my favourite creative non-fiction writers. This book follows the true 1934 story of Alma Fielding, who reported to be haunted by a poltergeist. Nandor Folder investigates, but discovers that Alma is not all that she seems…

REQUIEM OF A KNAVE // Laura Carlin

THE WICKED COMETH is one of my favourite debut books, so I preordered Carlin’s second novel without even reading the description and it arrived this week – I completely forgot! This one seems to be set in the medieval period, where our main character takes a pilgrimage – and is witness to a number of horrific crimes. I’m excited to dive into this one!

What have you bought recently? Have you read any of these? Let me know!

folklore book tag

I’ve never really been an active fan of Taylor Swift, but I have to admit that folklore is one of my new favourite albums. It’s got such whimsical, autumnal vibe, and it talks about feminism and powerful woman, and it’s just such great listening. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend taking an hour out of your day and just listening to it.

I saw the folklore book tag hovering around the internet and decided to tackle it myself as I think it’s such a cool idea. I haven’t done a book tag in so long, and I really miss them!

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Week 33 in Books

It’s been a fairly quiet week, but I haven’t read that much. This week, my hamster passed away, I did some home DIY, and I managed to do a 4 hour journey in 6 hours! Whoo, go me!

So yeah, I didn’t read much this week. In fact, I read one book, and a picture book at that… It was The Rereadathon, and I did start two other books for this readathon but I didn’t get around to finishing them. Oops.


  • The Wish Cat by Ragnhild Scamell


  • Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens – the last book in this series! So sad!

What have you read this week? More than I have, I hope!