Why I Love my Reading Journal | 12 Days of Blogmas

In April 2020, I decided I was going to keep a reading journal.

For most of my life, I’ve been writing reviews – I used to keep PowerPoints and each book would have a slide. I think this started in 2013, before I began this blog, and then my reviews transferred to Goodreads and I would post a book review for every book I read. But in 2020, the world – well, you know what happened.

As I was not going into work, I had a lot of time for reading. In April that year I read 31 books – but I didn’t want to write any reviews. I’d lost interest in the outside world, where other people had found their space, and retreated inside my own head and, as I’d done many times before, found comfort in books.

But I still wanted to record my thoughts about the novels, and I feel it almost stands as a time capsule to what I was like nearly two years ago. I have very different tastes now, and it’s cool to look back and see how much I’ve changed as a reader!

In December 2020, I bought a journal from the company Dingbats (who I highly recommend!) and started to make a “proper” reading journal.

I love my reading journal. It’s been a companion throughout this year, and it gives me a space away from my “life” journaling, where I can still by myself but I don’t have to respect the pandemic going on outside the pages. With each book, I was able to reflect personally on what I liked and didn’t like, what affected me and what passed me by.

I still wrote book reviews (I tried to aim for one a week. You can look back through my blog to see how successful that was…) but this was a personal place. Books and literature have been my surrogate homes for years, and for me it’s important to allow myself the space to be impacted by what I read.

I shared some pages of my journal on my Instagram, but many stay private, and I like it that way. So much of our lives is online, and as a book reviewer, I feel an expectation to write about everything I read publicly, so having a private space is important.

Whether or not you already have a book journal, I encourage you to try one – or try it for a life journal, a film journal, a music journal, anything you are interested in and encompasses a large part of your life!

I have begun my pages for my 2022 journal, ones that I will be sharing on my blog and Instagram – but don’t expect to see everything inside! Do you keep a reading journal, or a journal for anything else? I’d love to know!

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