Unboxing | Books By Nature: Cozy Classics | December 2021 | 12 Days of Blogmas

My favourite book box is back! Books By Nature released another stellar box, and I cannot believe the books that I received in this parcel….

No description available.

In this box we received…

  • 3 cookie cutters
  • Hot chocolate melt
  • Body sugar scrub
  • Snow flake fairy lights
  • Vintage book scrapbook pages
  • And the books… These were two random Wordsworth classics Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Items

No description available.

There are so many amazing things to say about this box! First of all this box made me feel so Christmassy and I spent ages just enjoying each item.

First I love the hot chocolate melt – I am so excited to melt this in a hot mug of milk… sounds delicious! And I am a big fan of cookies so these cookie cutters will definitely come into use.

The body sugar scrub I haven’t tried yet, but it smells amazing. It’s peppermint scented so very festive. And the snowflake fairy lights are something that will look fantastic around my bookshelf! And finally, the scrapbook pages are so aesthetically pleasing I don’t think I can tear them apart for my journals, though that’s exactly what they’re designed for.

The Books

No description available.

Honestly, I was super shocked to find these two books in this box, as Pride and Prejudice is my mum’s favourite book and Black Beauty is mine! When I asked my mum what books she thought I’d received, she knew straight away.

Black Beauty is the story of a horse, with the same name as the title, told from his perspective as he grows up as a young horse and learns the hard truths of living in the 1870s as a carthorse. I’ve loved this book since I was a child and still love it as an adult.

Pride and Prejudice is the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy and their relationship as it develops through the weeks and months they spend together and the trials and tribulations they face in an Edwardian society. Jane Austen’s wit and words make this book my mum’s favourite, and high on my own list too!

So, what do you think of this box? Would you have wanted to receive “Cozy Classics”?

Until next time,


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