The 8 Writing Apps I Have On My Phone

8 apps phone

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and my iPhone’d self is no different. I don’t always just use my phone for social media, though – sometimes I use it for writing stuff! So, today, I thought I’d share what writing apps I have on my phone and how I use them and hopefully inspire YOU to download some. (And you can check out my social media handles at the end, too. ūüėČ )

An actual image of my actual phone. With an actual dog in the actual background. I’m going to actual(ly) stop now.
  1. GoodReads (free).¬†Okay, so this isn’t strictly¬†writing¬†as it is¬†reading,¬†but GoodReads is a marvel. I’ve found ARCs on GoodReads, and I like having it on my phone because I can scan barcodes to add new stories to my shelves (and this is basically really cool anyway). If I’m bored, I tend to just scour it for new stuff to read. And sometimes I daydream of adding my own book to their enormous database… :’)
  2. Writing Journal (free, ¬£2.29¬†to upgrade (which is what I did)).¬†This is probably my favourite writing app I currently use. Basically, you add your “project” (you have to upgrade to add more than 2) and set your target word count. When you start writing, start the timer. When you stop writing, stop the timer and add in the amount of words you achieved. It tells you how many words you done in total over your project and also cool stuff like how long you’ve spent on that project. I’d recommend upgrading, if you can. (And this app is¬†brilliant¬†during NaNoWriMo.)
  3. Kindle (free, sometimes costs to buy books).¬†Also a reading app. I don’t really use the Kindle app that often, and I originally downloaded it for when I was out, or to download free, extra reading books for college (eg the Jerilderie Letter when I was studying the Kelly Gang). Pretty neat app but obviously not everyone likes reading from a screen. (Also, you can download documents yourself (for free! Although you do need an Amazon account (but this is also free!)), so you can carry your WIP everywhere and make editing notes on the go.)
  4. Wattpad (free).¬†On Wattpad, you can post your own stories and read others. It’s where a few young writers each year get discovered (and they’re generally hits). On the app as well as the website you can post and edit your own stories and it’s a pretty cute app when I just fancy a read out and about. Some of the stories are trashy but some aren’t too bad.
  5. Hants Library (free). I live in Hampshire, England, so this app is personalised for me but I thought I’d include it anyway. Basically it tells me when all of my library books are due. SO. USEFUL.
  6. My Stories… (webpage, Miss Literati, free).¬†I am a member of the ML community, and you can add websites as “apps” on iPhones, so this is what I have. Although I don’t use it that often.
  7. Duolingo (free).¬†I like languages. I might not be very good at them, but I¬†like¬†them. On Duolingo (you may have heard of it, it’s quite famous and also has a webpage) you can learn languages for¬†freeeeeee!¬†Fantastic, eh? I don’t use this as much as I used to, but I’d like to get back into it now that exams are over (for this year, at least (the exams, that is)).
  8. WordHippo (webpage, free).¬†Okay, if you’re a writer I really hope you’ve heard of this webpage. It’s one of the best sites I’ve found for writing. Like the Miss Literati page, this is a webpage I’ve bookmarked on my home screen and it’s¬†great. The mobile version isn’t as clean as the webpage, but guys, just¬†use it.¬†You can find rhyming words, what words mean, synonyms, antonyms… It’s awesome. I love it.
  9. app (now deleted, free). Okay so I deleted this app because I needed the memory and sometimes the notifications annoyed me (you can turn them off, I just deleted it before then) but this is a pretty nifty app and so useful in my English class. It gives you pretty cool words of the day, too.

Other apps I use in relation to my writing:

  • Twitter.¬†This is a great handle for finding other writers and keeping your small army of fans updated on your writing endeavours. (Handle: @MB1098)
  • Snapchat.¬†This is more personal and for friends, but if you want them to leave you alone without engaging in conversation (and you can send them all the same picture) then just send them a quick snap! And you can update just as easily, whilst posting your epic word count for the world to see. (Ask me if you want to add me!)
  • Instagram.¬†Like Snapchat, this is also more personal and, I find, more difficult to get “followers” than Twitter, which limits your audience (me: Twitter: 265, IG: 89). However, it’s cool to share pictures and I follow so many book bloggers who post¬†beautiful¬†photos: It’s great. (IG: MidnightBeast1098)
  • Pinterest.¬†This isn’t for connecting to people personally, but I often find some great inspiration on Pinterest. Link.

So, guys, what writing apps do you use? (Perhaps I’ll do websites in another article.)

Also, I use the notes app.¬†A lot. I have about 50 beginnings of books, about the same number of endings and¬†again¬†the same number of premises… .-.

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