Book Discussion: Kindle vs. Paperback

BD; kindles vs. paperbacks

A few years ago, I was bought a Kindle for a Christmas present by my parents. Since then, I’ve downloaded quite a few books onto it (notably free or ARC ones) and occasionally I’ll read something on it. Most recently, I took it to a camp because we were going to read ghost stories. (We didn’t, in the end, but the sentiment was there.)

And yet, when you look in my bedroom, there are books everywhere. Honestly. On my bookshelf (obviously), on my desk, under my desk, by my bed, in my wardrobe, on top of my wardrobe… everywhere. (I probably need to clear some out soon, but whatever.) I always have a book with me (my mum’s even taken to reassuring guests that me constantly reading is, in fact, normal, and I’m not just strange) and even though my shoulders ache from carrying so many I take one everywhere, even if I don’t read it whilst I’m out. (Perhaps it just reassures me? I don’t really know.) I’m always on GoodReads or Amazon or The Book Depository looking for new books. I don’t necessarily buy them, but I just like seeing what’s still out there to read that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

On a black and white screen, it’s quite different. Especially as it’s now quite slow…

So which do I prefer? Well, I like my Kindle because I can take it everywhere and, hello, FREE BOOKS! But I like paperbacks because, to me, they feel like actual books. Like, they smell bookish, and you can drop them in the bath and face the wrath of the librarian (actually, she was rather nice about it) and you can throw them at people and they don’t run out of batteries. Admittedly the torch you’re using to read them under the covers might, but the actual books don’t.

Yes, I’m raising a debate which is often talked about in recent years, but isn’t it a good debate?!

You know what I think, so now I want to know what you think. Kindles/tablets/e-readers, or paperbacks/hardbacks? Screens vs. books? Which do you prefer? 


3 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Kindle vs. Paperback

  1. I am a paperback lover! Having a book is an experience! It is just an accomplishment reading a book. There is nothing like holding it in your hand! Also, I feel like they are trying to phase out paperbacks, so I want to help keep them around.

  2. I’m definitely a paperback kind of person, although I read some on my phone whilst I’m out about, there’s just something about the physical presence of a book that’s reassuring.

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