Using Your Phone/Tablet To Your Writing Advantage

phone or tablet in writingAlmost everyone these days has a smartphone and/or a tablet. If you don’t have either, then I really really hope you carry a notebook around with you.

On my Facebook page a while ago I posted about making sure you always have a writing journal (which reminds me, I haven’t written in mine in ages. I think I’m just wayyyy too tired to even think about it!). But I thought I’d post today about using your phone/tablet to your writingly advantage. (Because yes, although people say we’re being “taken over” by technology, don’t you think they’re saying that for a reason? Because the technology is useful?!)

The most obvious thing you can use your device for is the note app. I have one on my iPhone (4s if you were wondering) and it’s basically full of story premises, random quotes, chat-up lines and also things that I have to remember, sometimes to do with writing, like a link to a writing competition once, and sometimes not. If you don’t have one on your device, you can download them, generally for free, from whatever app store you use on your phone.

If you’re out and about, you can just write down your ideas when you have them. But your phone can be used for other things too: like photographs! Say you find the perfect house (not as creepy as it sounds when you’re a writer). Take a photo of it, so you can describe it later on! (Or write down what it looks like if that’s too creepy.)

Perhaps you can use social media apps for connecting with your fans, and also for research, writing ideas, character/place ideas and just about everything in between! (Oh, and, of course procrastination.)

Your phone can also be used to house great apps to motivate you: for example, I use Write Journal which records your word count and how fast it takes you to write. It has a goal, but no time goal, so you’ll have to do that yourself. But it’s great seeing your word count go up and the percentage along with it!

Although this post has been a bit higgledy-piggledy today, I hope it’s given you some ideas on how you can use the technology around us for your own writing career. Hopefully at least one of these appeal to you!

Do you guys use phones to help you write? What do you prefer? What do you/don’t you like about them?


You can find other info about using technology in your writing in other posts I’ve written too!

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