Hi guys,

It saddens me to say this, but I think I may have to go onto a hiatus whilst my exams are on. They have not started yet, but when they do, I’ll only be able to post my WWC, and maybe a book review on Tuesdays (because I don’t have enough already written to last that long!). I’m really really sorry, but these are my actual GCSEs (already had two sets of mocks) and I don’t want to fail them…no offence.

So yeah. I’m really sorry. I’d be grateful if you didn’t unfollow, too, because I’ll be back, I promise!

And I’ll still be able to reply to comments, etc, so yeah.

Thanks for sticking by me, and I’m sorry to have to do this!

(Also, I didn’t post on Friday because my internet wasn’t working, and Saturday because I went to Thorpe Park!)

– Hannah 🙂


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