What Is Happening To This Blog?

Hallo! So, my last post on this here Sprinkled With Words was… April 29th 2017.

Ah. Whoops.

So basically, I fell into a huge reading slump, one I’ve never had before. It got me down quite a bit, and I just wasn’t really into blogging either.

I’ve decided to quit blogging.

Ahah, jokes.

I’ve decided to quit blogging writing tips and reading discussions every Wednesday and Friday. I’ll still occasionally blog about these whenever an idea pops into my head, but to be honest it’s just too much on my plate. I’ve recently got a position as Copyeditor for my university’s paper; I am also a society member in two other clubs; and I’ve been running, climbing, and doing various other exercise classes as well as running my other blog, writing a book, reading other books, and trying to have a social life at the same time.

Basically, I have a lot on my plate.

However, I am going to be blogging book reviews! I am going to aim for 2 – 3 every week, and because I am now out of my reading slump *distant cheers* I’m going to make a back log for when I’m on holiday etc.

I really hope that you guys continue to follow and enjoy my blog. I want to produce quality content, and if that means reigning back a little bit, so be it. I love blogging, but I haven’t done lately, and whilst this is a difficult decision, it’s one I needed to make.

I am still taking Guest Posts, so if you want to be a guest blogger on this blog, click this link!

Happy reading everyone, and welcome to summer! (In the northern hemisphere anyway. Welcome to winter, for people in the south!)


7 1/2 recommended books by female authors | IWD 2017

iwd-icon-logoHey everybody! Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day around the world and I thought I would celebrate it on this blog by recommending some series and books I’ve LOVED by women authors.

International Women’s Day, firstly: why is it important? Well, because women aren’t being treated fairly in society. We earn less in the exact same job in which a man would be earning more. In America, and certainly other places in the world, we have to carry babies to full term because men seem to think they can control our uteri. We have to cover our shoulders and backs and thighs because allegedly they turn men on (in which case, men shouldn’t even be out in society) and yet we’re meant to sit back and watch happily as boys run around shirtless. Men get angry if we wear too much makeup; men get angry if we don’t. Men get angry if we won’t sleep with them; men get angry if we sleep with too many of them. Men try to control and explain our periods for goodness’ sake, and they get angry when we say, “Well, actually, you don’t have a period, but I do and it’s not like that…”*

Men, men, men. Women, women, women.  Continue reading “7 1/2 recommended books by female authors | IWD 2017”

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year from Sprinkled With Words! I hope you guys are ready for a good one.

Last year, I blogged half of the amount of posts in 2016 as I did in 2015 (that’s 70 to 140 if you were wondering!) and yet I still got more visitors and page views so guys, thank you so much! You guys really mean a lot to me, and I’m so thankful.

This year I want to do more posts, more adventurous and boundary-pushing posts. Exploring more writing techniques! Publishing more interesting book reviews! I was really enjoying my posting after my hiatus. I really love this blog.

So hello. This is me coming back and I hope that 2017 becomes a prosperous year for me, you, and this blog!

Happy New Year!

Dance into the New Year with me

On a New Adventure…

Right. Well.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been terrible at posting on this blog. The reason? I am off to university! …and forgot to schedule posts. (Sorry.)

I will be moving in on Sunday, but I will try to post as much as I can! They might be a bit sporadic for a couple of weeks! XD

If you’re curious, I’m going to the University of East Anglia and studying English Literature with Creative Writing! 😀

Anyway, I just thought I’d let y’all know. Good luck to all going off to university as well!

PS I would like to shout out Natalie @ Bookographic – it turns out that we’ve been following each other on Twitter etc (she actually recognised me by Sprinkled With Words!) and it turns out we’re staying in the same accommodation (sadly not the same flat, but one above/below) AND on the same course! Can’t wait to see you there!

PPS If you want to keep up, I’ll be posting lots (hopefully) on hannahbanana.

Stay cool, folks. 🙂

No Posts This Week

Hi, guys.

So, this week’s been a bit weird, and a bit difficult. With what’s happened, there will be no Friday post and no posts on Sunday or Monday (although that’s for two other reasons –

A) I have been in a mini reading slump this week, so I have no reviews to post anyway…

B) I’m going on a mini break over the bank holiday so I’ll be reading a lot but probably not blogging! Sorry!).

I hope you guys have a good weekend and enjoy the Bank Holiday! I’ll be back posting on Wednesday (when I’m also getting my meningitis jab… ouch!).

PS – I’m still looking for guest posts! 🙂





You guys. Ignore the creepiness. I am so so excited to be back.

How have we all been?! Anything fun happen whilst I was gone?

I took a slightly longer-than-anticipated hiatus because when my hiatus was “over” I was still too stressed to blog. BUT NOW I AM (relatively) FREE FROM STRESS! And guys, I cannot wait to start doing all my blogging stuffs again. And, more importantly, I have inspiration and a will to write again!

I’m making some minor changes since I last blogged, so here’s my schedule. I’ll try to keep to it as much as possible, but feel free to check my Twitter if I haven’t posted, because there’s likely a reason why.

Blogging schedule which I will hopefully try and stick to

MONDAY: This will be a full-on book review day, likely of one I either enjoyed or hated that I read in the past week (or perhaps before, depending on how much I read). The method to this one is that if you guys are interested in this book you can order it on the Monday and it’ll arrive in time for weekend reading! *dances*

TUESDAY: BREAK DAY. But sometimes I imagine stuff will go here, like updates or stuff I think you would all be interested in. (NB: Top Ten Tuesdays are now posted on my other blog!)

WEDNESDAY: Book talk day! I will be chatting about something interesting in the bookish world. (This is essentially “book discussion” but I like the word “talk” better. “Discussion” reminds me of unsuccessful school lessons. *shudders*)

THURSDAY: Guest post day! A lovely guest (you don’t have to have your own blog or anything!) will chat about something writing or book related. Click here if you’re interested or Tweet me or email sprinkledwithwords@hotmail.com!

FRIDAY: Writing advice day! I post something writing-advicey or writing-discussiony. Maybe I’ll add a challenge at the end of a post if people call for it! (If you have any requests of course, please get them to me somehow! I’m still taking owls but sadly smoke signals are no longer reaching me.) (The method in this madness is that you can use this writing advice over the weekend, reading a book you discovered on Monday! ;P)

SATURDAY: ANOTHER BREAK DAY (okay but I need some break days!). Ditto TUESDAY.

SUNDAY: Mini book reviews and general ‘stuff’ day. If I have anything interesting to post about my personal life, I’ll stick it in a post on here (or on Saturday!). Otherwise, it’ll be mini reviews of all the books I’ve read this week that I haven’t selected for the big Monday review! Then you can buy ALL THE BOOKS!

(I am also implementing more GIFs/pictures. Because yes.)

Some of the ‘scheduling’ I’ve done (eg the mini reviews – perhaps you’re thinking “Whaaat?” They do what they say on the tin) may seem a bit different or a bit odd, but I got so stressed with blogging last time that it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and that’s why I took such a long hiatus! I feel like this time around, I (should) end up being less stressed and still having fun doing what I love: blogging!

Reviews were one of the main things getting me down (aside from just the sheer amount). I felt like they were monotonous, and some became really hard to write. Hence, I am still doing my one review a week, but I’ll have something really interesting to say about it (instead of just a middling 3 star review which I find hard to write). Hence x2, mini reviews! These will be a max. 3 paragraphs and all posted in the same blog post. They’ll still give an overview of what I thought of the book, but with less discussion (although feel free to discuss with me if you want to, of course!).

Although I am writing for you wonderful people, my audience, I am also writing for me and I think that’s something I lost track of before my hiatus. I want to, obviously, make my posts helpful to you all but I also want to enjoy writing them!

I hope you guys are at least slightly excited I’m back. (I AM! I actually cackled in happiness so hard I’ve put my back out. It hurts.) I can’t wait to get back into blogging again! I’ll try the schedule out on top, starting from Monday, and if I need any changes then changes will happen!

Although all of my old posts will remain, consider this Sprinkled With Words Volume 2. I hope you enjoy the ride alongside me.

Feel free to go to my other blog to see what I’ve been getting up to in the months I haven’t been here, but until then… Cheerio!

– Hannah 🙂

Blogging Hiatus

Hey, guys.

Huh, this is harder than I thought to write. Probably why I’ve put it off for so long…

Okay this sounds super dramatic. It’s not really, but still.

If you can’t tell from the title, I am going on a blogging hiatus. Not forever – the word “hiatus” kind of tells you I’m coming back. But I am going to be gone – mostly – until July 2nd 2016.

Why? Because I have these annoying things called exams. They’re driving me crazy already but unfortunately I have to do well in them to get to university. I’ve made a deal with my mum to not blog on here, and not to write book reviews (although my GoodReads will still be updated) until my exams are over. My book reviews I feel are actually getting kind of repetitive, so perhaps a hiatus will help.

I’ll still be blogging occasionally on my other blog, but again it won’t be as often (to be honest I haven’t been doing it very often anyway…), and I’ll try and keep up with my YouTube channel but again I am terrible at that, too…

So basically, aside from on Instagram, I’m having a mostly-complete hiatus from blogging and all that jazz. I’m still writing, so that’s good (otherwise I think it’s highly possible I would go insane) but other than that, it’s all work, work, work.

I’m actually amazed that this blog has been getting continuous views over the past month where I haven’t blogged anyway, so I thank you for continuing to look and the fact that you keep on coming back! I hope I have your support in this decision too.

Have a fun few months, guys, and I’ll check in in July! 😀

I Went AWOL and I Apologise: An Update

Hi guys,

So this is a kind of open letter, and you can read the one I wrote on my other blog here.

Basically, I want to apologise for being a bit, well, not a very good blogger lately (that was terrible English but I’m tired ok). It’s annoying for me, because I had a couple of good ideas this week (which I will write up sometime) and it might be annoying for you if you happen to look forward to my content (that’d be awesome if you were, actually… wow).

Continue reading “I Went AWOL and I Apologise: An Update”

Lack of Internet//An Update

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting (although I’m pretty sure I scheduled a book review… but I haven’t checked). I’ve had no internet at home (the BT WiFi hotspot thingy is down, which kinda sucks so we’re on an unsecured network I don’t want to use on my laptop) and I keep forgetting when I’m at college (aside from now, of course!).

Anyway. I’m going to try and schedule some posts for next week, so you’ll have something to look forward to *wink wink*.

I just thought I’d let you all know that’s why I haven’t been posting, and I’m sorry! Stay tuned, folks… 😀

(PS, Happy Pancake Day! What’re you giving up for Lent? I’m going for chocolate this year!)