3 Tips to Help You Buy Less Books | blogmas day 6

If you’re buying presents for your loved ones for Christmas, or just trying to save a bit more cash, you are probably re-evaluating what you actually spend most of your money on, that doesn’t go to rent, bills, or food. Cinema tickets? Coffee? Wine? …books?

I have been on multiple book buying bans throughout my time, and it’s completely changed how I shop. Now, I hardly ever go on a “ban” because I don’t buy books at random or because they have pretty covers (yes, I’m totally guilty of that) because going on these bans have really helped my purchasing choices.

Now, book buying bans aren’t always easy depending on the type of person you are. If you’re like me, buying yourself a new book is a fantastic pick-me-up, but it only has a short-term affect before you’re craving another purchase. And actually, if you go on a book buying ban, as soon as it’s over, you’re probably likely to just revert back to your initial purchasing habits, and the ban won’t have done anything but make you annoyed for a little while.

So, like I said, instead of just banning buying books for myself, I decided to work differently with my habits. Here are three tips that I use that might help you if you also spend a lot of money on books and to cut down a little more!

Save money for every book you read

For the first half of this year, I saved a pound for every book that I read. I still bought books during this time, so it didn’t help with that, but when I went to YALC I had a healthy £60 to spend at the con, and it was fab! Now, to put a spin on this: only the money you save (£1 or £2 or whatever you decide) can be used on books. So, say I save £1 per book I read, it’ll only be after 7 or 8 books that I can buy another one!

Only buy new releases you’re really excited for

I do this quite often, and it means that I don’t buy a lot of older books that I’m unlikely to place at high priority. For example, I’ll probably buy the new release of Queen of Air and Darkness so I can finally binge the trilogy, but I’ve known about this release for ages! Similarly, I do this for Rick Riordan books, and I preorder quite a lot of books. Not only does it get you super excited for the book, but it means that you’re not just spontaneously buying.

Think for a week about a book before you buy

Similar to the tip above, think for at least a week before you buy a new book, to see if you really want it. If you forget about it after a few days – well then, you haven’t bought it, and you probably aren’t going to search it out. I am really interested in the Waterstone’s Book of the Month The Librarian, and because I’ve been wanting to read it for a couple of weeks now, I think I might pick it up pretty soon.

I hope that these tips have been somewhat helpful! I’m going to be desperately trying to cut down on my book collection over the next few months, so I’ll definitely be implementing all of these tips into my everyday life too. Do you have any tips for buying less books?

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