I recommend books based on your blog #5 | Another Ranting Reader

I recommend books based on your blog” is a bi-monthly series where I recommend a different blogger three books based on their blog content and blog design! 

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And in this episode of “I recommend you books based on your blog”, I recommend books to Jemima who blogs at Another Ranting Reader! Jemima is a first year university student from Wales, and she blogs about all sorts, including books, feminism, poetry, fashion, travel, and writing. I can sense that this will be a fun list!

  1. Circe by Madeline Miller
    Jemima recently blogged about feminist books, and I really adore this book so much. It’s a historical fiction feminist retelling of one of the most badass sorceresses in history, and I think that Jemima – especially because she’s studying English Lit!
  2. Dating Disasters of Emma Nash by Chloe Seager
    Not only is this book one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life, but again it’s pretty feminist! It’s a great story about friendship and dating and growing up, and it’s brilliantly written which is always an added bonus for a book.
  3. Honeybee by Trista Mateer
    This is a poetry book that I Read recently. It’s about feminism, moving on, and not only that but I feel like the aesthetic kinda fits into Jemima’s blog too? I got along really well with Mateer’s writing style, although I didn’t necessarily always enjoy the actual content of the book! It’s still worth the read, though.

Personally, I’m very happy with the selection I recommended Jemima today! I loved all of these books – especially Circe, which is one of my absolutely favourites. I think they all fit in with Jemima’s blog aesthetic and I think that they fit her personal reading tastes as well.

What do you think of my recommendations? What would you recommend Jemima?

Until next time,

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