Blogging Hiatus

Hey, guys.

Huh, this is harder than I thought to write. Probably why I’ve put it off for so long…

Okay this sounds super dramatic. It’s not really, but still.

If you can’t tell from the title, I am going on a blogging hiatus. Not forever – the word “hiatus” kind of tells you I’m coming back. But I am going to be gone – mostly – until July 2nd 2016.

Why? Because I have these annoying things called exams. They’re driving me crazy already but unfortunately I have to do well in them to get to university. I’ve made a deal with my mum to not blog on here, and not to write book reviews (although my GoodReads will still be updated) until my exams are over. My book reviews I feel are actually getting kind of repetitive, so perhaps a hiatus will help.

I’ll still be blogging occasionally on my other blog, but again it won’t be as often (to be honest I haven’t been doing it very often anyway…), and I’ll try and keep up with my YouTube channel but again I am terrible at that, too…

So basically, aside from on Instagram, I’m having a mostly-complete hiatus from blogging and all that jazz. I’m still writing, so that’s good (otherwise I think it’s highly possible I would go insane) but other than that, it’s all work, work, work.

I’m actually amazed that this blog has been getting continuous views over the past month where I haven’t blogged anyway, so I thank you for continuing to look and the fact that you keep on coming back! I hope I have your support in this decision too.

Have a fun few months, guys, and I’ll check in in July! 😀

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