Book Discussion: Reading What You Want To Read

bd; what you want to readA few months ago, I was outside with my mum and our next door neighbour, aka one of her close friends. The neighbour asked what I was reading; I replied, “Oh, just some teen thing.” She said, “There’s nothing wrong with reading something that isn’t a high-brow book, you know!” That kind of humbled me, to be honest.

I do watch what I read when I’m in public, if I’m honest. I want to read what’s expected of me (I mean, I also enjoy it, too, most of the time), like YA, fantasy or classics. I wouldn’t want to necessarily take a “crappy” teen fiction novel to college, nor would I want to take something like 50 Shades of Grey (which I haven’t read yet, by the way!). Likewise, although I have since not bothered since someone commented on a post on Facebook, before at secondary school I wouldn’t have taken a Doctor Who BBC book for fear of being teased more often for being a “geek”; likewise, I probably wouldn’t have read a children’s book like Michael Morpurgo’s. The question I want you to think about, though, is this: do you read what society expects of you, or do you read exactly what you want to without a care in the world?

Do you think society and the social stigmas that come with reading certain literature affect what people read?

I want to read what I want to read, and I don’t want to be ridiculed for it. So, if someone comments on what I’m reading, no more am I going to get upset, jump to my defence immediately, or grab a hidden classic from the realms of my bag for exactly this scenario to prove that, yes, I can read big words! I’ll probably not hear them to start with, and then I’ll just remind myself that I’m not reading for their benefit. I’m reading for me. 

I think next time I’m going to talk about colleges and schools affecting what you read, because I think that it’s related to this, but if you want a say in the blog post, comment below about both this topic and next week’s, and I might include some quotes!


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