Finding Inspiration for ZINES!

Next week, human beings, I have a post coming for you: Why You Should Write Mini Zines. However, this time around, I am going to be talking about how to find inspiration for them.

“But Hannah,” you cry, “wouldn’t it make sense for this to come after the post about why we should write zines in the first place?” Well, yes. But no. Because once you read on, the idea will (hopefully) be rocking around your head all week and you might even Google it before you read my next blog post! (Shame on you.) 

Over March, I have created four mini-zines for Mini-Zine March, an event hosted by Sea Green Zines. (You can see my zines by heading to my other blog here.) However, through writing them, I always found it helpful to have an idea, and figure out if it’s zineable, before I thought of how to present it in a mini-zine. One, number #3, I actually wish I’d saved for a longer zine, but I might just reuse the poems in a longer book of poems later on in my life when I’ve written more.

So today, we’re discussing inspiration. I’ve done many posts about this before, even coining the term Inspirenza (which I occasionally see thrown about in Google searches so that’s cool), but I’ll try not to reuse anything, and give some more ideas of where to find you zineable inspiration (I really love that adjective, okay?).

In the world around you: 

  • Check the news. Do you feel angry about something? Happy? Perhaps you could, for example, collect happy headlines into a zine.
  • Look around you as you’re out and about. Does someone say something that makes you want to angrily Tweet? STOP! Zine it instead. (Or do both.) How about something that makes you tear up because it’s so beautiful?
  • In conversations with people: save something if you think it’s good. They probably know you’re a writer so won’t even blink.
  • Shops are goldmines. Look at products (like gendered products?? why do those exist??), people, children left unattended, what’s on special offer, what’s on any noticeboards, and adventure into charity shops especially.
  • Take pictures! A lot of zines are formed of artwork or photographs, so don’t be afraid to just fill it with that even if you consider yourself a writer.

In yourself:

  • Has something about you changed? Are you pondering if you want to dye your hair?
  • Is something you found a flaw now something you love? Eg: have you come to love your flabby thighs, or skinny arms, or flat feet?
  • This one might be potentially damaging to some, eg I couldn’t write about it right now, but: what about mental health?
  • Similarly: sexuality, or gender.
  • What if you feel something for someone? Pop it in a zine. If you’re brave enough, pop that under their door…


  • Look at other zines. Maybe you want to do your own spin on their idea (might be a good idea to credit them, though…).
  • You could always just use poems/a short story you’ve already written, and pop it into a zine.
  • …similarly with pictures! Make a zine of gorgeous selfies ❤ (or, pulling faces)

I hope I’ve given you a nice little ear worm now… stay tuned for next week! ❤

And feel free to bounce around your zine ideas in the comments below! I’m happy to be a writerly buddy bouncing board human. Thing.

4 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration for ZINES!

  1. Your posts are always so creative! 😊 I followed your other blog, as well as Sea Green Zines! Gonna go check out your zines now. 😃 And I’m looking forward to your other posts. x

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