Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR

Hello! So I know I only have like 10 minutes of Tuesday left so this post is kind of hurriedly typed… here we go. Anywayyyy, Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the wonderful Broke and Bookish! This week’s theme is (in case you didn’t read the title), Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR!

I’d like to say that I have many, many books on my TBR, but I’d like to get to these in the next couple weeks/over the Easter holidays (which are sooooooooon!).

  1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
    Yes! This is a reread! I really want to reread the entire series, though, and obviously you start with the first one. I also want to read The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Because it’s the same author, I’m counting him in one!
  2. The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas
    This book comes out on April 6th and how do I know that? BECAUSE I HAVE AN ARC, PEOPLE! This is my first ~proper~ before-finished-copy ARC, so I am very excited. I follow the wonderful Rachael on Twitter, and she’s so kind so I’m really excited to read this book.
  3. All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
    This is actually a library book so I kind of have to get to it ASAP, but I’m really excited to read it. Carrie is a YouTube who I’ve been watching of the late, and I really like her videos and music so I, of course, want to read her book.
  4. Anatomy of A Soldier by Harry Parker
    My most recent buy, this is a book about a soldier who has had his life transformed by an IED. What really drew me into the story was that it’s told via forty-five objects. They’re all listed, so here are some: tourniquet, desert boot, digital watch, razor, photograph, snow, twenty dollar bill, letter, wheelchair. I’m really interested to write a similar type of book, so that aspect made me interested as well, but basically it just sounds good (and the cover is gorgeous).
  5. Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly
    Okay, so this is a book about Beauty and the Beast! Beauty (or Belle) gets lost in a book (literally), which is basically perfectomatum for me (what even was that word?). Also, Donnelly wrote These Shallow Graves which I loved, so I’m hoping I’ll like this one, too!
  6. The Muse by Jessie Burton 
    I loved Burton’s The Miniaturist and I received The Muse for Christmas, so I’m really excited to read it. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and by that alone (with all of the mysterious objects incorporated into it!) I am super excited to see what’s inside.
  7. Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter
    This is a book I received in Fairyloot, and thankfully it has had very good reviews! (Sadly, one of their books that I won’t mention, has since had not-so-good reviews. Not sure if I’ll read it, but obviously that does not reflect badly on Fairyloot, esp. as the reviews came out well after the box arrived!) It’s a Russian fairytale retelling ,and I can just imagine lying in the sun in the spring reading wearing the cute little Russian doll necklace that came with the book!
  8. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
    This is one I have been so pumped about and when I saw it for £4 on Amazon I just thought “WHY NOT?!” It’s about three sisters who have to kill each other for the crown, but it’s also a series so I’m actually kind of hoping for a cliffhanger ending! There’s also three editions for the book, and I was so glad to get the red edition!
  9. Caraval by Stephanie Garber
    So, coupled with the mystery of different covers printed on the book, plus the fact it has been everywhere on the interwebs, I saw the hardback copy (!!) for £5 on Amazon and also bought it! (I got the rose design, if you were wondering! <3) This seems really interesting and I hope it’s Night Circus-y vibed, because I loved that book. It’s about a circus who kidnaps a girl’s baby sister. I’m also intrigued as to where “Caraval” comes from…
  10. Amsterdam and First Love, Last Rites by Ian McEwan (and Nutshell, and Saturday)
    Basically, I just want in on an Ian McEwan binge. I recently bought Amsterdam at a book sale (for £1!) and I really love his books. I actually tried to read Nutshell, though, and couldn’t get into it.

So there you have my top ten (or, uh, top fourteen…) Tuesday of the week! What’s on your list? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR

  1. Love your list! I’m also curious about Vassa but I’ve actually heard more negative reviews for that one than positive, so it surprises me that you’ve heard mostly good reviews. 😅

    I hope you like Caraval and Three Dark Crowns – I’ve read them both and weren’t blown away, but they’re generally enjoyable.

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