Writing Every Day Easily

Most writers have a goal of writing something every single day, even if it’s only one hundred words – hell, even a six word story in a Tweet counts! But it’s difficult, isn’t it, to find the time, the place, the inspiration to keep writing every day, even though you know how much you need to exercise that writing muscle – whatever it is, because is it the brain or the hands or the subconscious? – every single day?

No matter how difficult you may find it, you can write something every day, easily and, if you’re low on time, quickly but get maximum quality. And writing something every day can really benefit you – you might find a brand new idea, you could find something out about a character you have, and you’re simply writing which will make it easier when you have more time!

I do know how hard it is to write every day, I’m terrible at it, but here are some tips that I am going to be following too!

  • If you’re on the move, take your phone or tablet and jot something down on that. There are plenty of free note apps out there if you don’t have one already on your phone.
  • Write a six word story on a scrap of paper such as a receipt or on a note app or jotted on a Post-It note and stuck to something. Such fun.
  • Set a time every day (say, from 5:30 – 6 pm, and then start making dinner for example) and write.
  • Have a full schedule. Sometimes that makes you realise that you have to fit writing in somewhere, if it really is your passion, and it makes you actually write when you have the time. If you only have half an hour, then you write for half an hour instead of the dreaded procrastination.
  • Tweet a story every day! (Ohh, I might have to try that)
  • Have a diary of the year, and write in that every day. It’s what I’m doing! -well, about to start doing…

Even if you aren’t able to write every day, then at least think about your writing. Maybe invent a new character on the bus on the way home, even if you don’t ever use them in the future. When you’re driving, imagine where you could be going (let’s pretend you don’t know, or you’re on a quest somewhere). Sure, it sounds like child’s play (and, please, don’t get distracted doing anything dangerous!) but it haves you thinking with a writing head, and that’ll help your imagination when you eventually get those words down on the page!

Keep writing guys!

PS Sorry this is a day late – I actually had a social occasion on Friday night and forgot to write before, which is a rare occurrence (although my schedule is getting busier, incredibly). But yay a Friday post for the first time in forever *cue Frozen*!