Book Review: Shattered by Teri Terry

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Kyla was Slated: her mind was wiped clean by the government. When forbidden memories of a violent past began to surface, so did doubts: could she trust those to care for, like Ben? Helped by friends in MIA, she goes undercover, searching for her past and evading authorities who want her dead. But the truth Kyla seeks is more shocking than she imagined as the Slated trilogy concludes. – from back of book, modified.


Okay. O-kay. So this is a review of the last in the Slated trilogy and is the only review I’ve done of them, for two reasons. 1) I’m lazy and procrastinate book reviews all the time and didn’t get around to it. 2) These are easy books to forget! I got lost in character names and the plot. So when it’d been a couple of months, I knew I’d only be able to do a vague review, so I just didn’t do one. But not this time! Mwhahaha.

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Fractured (Slated #2) by Teri Terry


Kyla has been Slated. But now, she’s remembering: something she shouldn’t be able to do. When someone from her past life reappears, she begins to remember more and more. But soon it becomes apparent someone has betrayed her, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

Fractured is the second in the series of ‘Slated’. I bought Slated at a charity shop and read it rather quickly, but didn’t think about getting the sequel, so when I saw Fractured in the library I picked it up and read it in two days. In a turn of events, I actually think Fractured was better than it’s predecessor, something I have never encountered before in a series!

I was immediately hooked and remained that way throughout the whole book. Terry has a (rather annoying, but brilliant) habit of leaving chapters on cliff hangers, which meant I’d say, “now, I’m only going to read to Chapter 42…” and… I kind of ended up finishing the entire book.

The array of characters just grew further still, and I really love the differences between them. I’ve found a lot of great books recently, so I’m finding myself repeating a lot of the same things, but this is so true. I had love-hate relationships with some, some I just love, and some were pitied, sympathised with, laughed at. Kind of like real love. And I loved it, of course.

Despite the tension, there were also plenty of shocks. Not to give any spoilers but ohmygoodnesswhatishappeningtothischaracternostopthatbeforeihityouintheface. Which basically summed up my reaction to it.

I lapped up this book like a dehydrated cat to water (even when my cat isn’t dehydrated this is amusing to watch, so that’s my comparison), and it was brilliant. I had to give my library card away (to the boyf so I’ll  get it back, don’t panic! (as I would be if it weren’t him)) to get the last one because it wasn’t in my local library , but I’m so excited to read it! Expect a review of Shattered soon!

And of course I would recommend this, but start from the first: it’ll make way more sense. These books are great for thrills, a little bit of romance (always nice), and a nice story. Perhaps a bit predictable, admittedly, but if you can overlook that it’s not too bad at all.