Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce


Deep in the dark forest there’s a wicked witch, who lives in a house made of chocolates and liquorice…

Let me just start by saying I absolutely adored the last Jackson Pearce book I read, Sisters Red. I expected to enjoy Sweetly, too. I wasn’t let down.

It was just a dare between siblings – a deadly game that only two survived. Twelve years later, seeking a new place to belong, Ansel and Gretchen finally stumble upon a place to call home. But Live Oak carries a terrifying secret, and Ansel and Gretchen are forced return to the dark forests and confront their childhood terrors…

Although the book terrified me to begin with, I settled into the stride, and ended up just having to finish it – so, basically, putting off everything else until I had turned the final page!

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