An Evening With Stephen Fry | UEA Spring Literary Festival

Tonight I had the great pleasure of seeing Stephen Fry discuss his new book, MYTHOS, at UEA’s Spring Literary Festival in conversation with Philip Lankesgov. An hour of Greek mythology and brilliant quips, followed by a signing (I MET STEPHEN FRY!!) is a pretty good way to spend a Wednesday.

Stephen started by describing the Greek’s version of the beginning of the universe (“So there is the sky god’s… junk flying across the sea,” Stephen Fry, 2018), and reading his book in his own narrative voice was just incredible.

He is such a hilarious man, and it was such an entertaining night. He and Philip worked so well together bouncing off each other, and Stephen is just so intelligent it wasn’t a chore to listen to him.

I am so excited to read MYTHOS! And Stephen was such a lovely man when I met him – it was pretty quick, but so great to meet someone who I have admired for so long.

When you land in the world of Greek myth, you land in a place you already know.

-Stephen Fry

Until the next time,

hannah sign off