Book Talk | Readathons!

bt ; readathons.jpgAt the moment, I’m four days into the ReadThemAllThon (which I talked about here on my other blog). Over the course of July and August, I’ve participated in two other readathons, reading, so far, around 12 – 13 books.

Readathons are events organised by book lovers (all around the globe too!) where you may have to pick books to fulfil certain challenges (eg, a book with yellow on the cover, a book by an author older than you, a book written in the year you were born) and you aim to read a set number of books in a week. Some readathons, like the booktubeathon, maybe be accompanied by other challenges (in this case, video challenges on YouTube/booktube), some are just reading. Most are great for social (media) interaction!  Continue reading “Book Talk | Readathons!”

#ReadThemAllThon TBR

readthemallthon.jpg#ReadThemAllThon is an epic Pokemon-based readathon hosted by the wonderful Aentee. (click there to go to sign up!) The aim of the, er, game, is to read 8 books matching up to the challenges (which correlate to the 8 Indigo league gyms) over the course of three weeks. The readathon starts on the 14th August and ends on the 4th September.

Each reader in this readathon gets a Pokemon which they can gain CP for and evolve. The CP correlates to the number of books you read, what you Tweet, books you review etc. Just go to the sign up page to see everything!  Continue reading “#ReadThemAllThon TBR”