Frightening Writing

You’ve got all these ideas in your head, but, oh, no! You’re too scared to do anything about it!

Now, I know that this doesn’t apply to many people on here, but don’t worry, other points in this article may do! If not, please read it anyway, because it may help another person you know. 😉

It’s common to be scared of your writing, especially when it’s written – the fear of ‘what now?’ So, what can you do before you start?

  • Ask around, for other writers. They can give you encouragement, helpful hints, and get you through the tough times with writing. Also, they’ll help you improve, and give you the opportunity to say, ‘hey, they can do it – I can do it, too!’
  • Brush up on grammar and spelling. There’s nothing more disheartening when you’ve finished writing and see that it’s covered in errors that you don’t know how to fix. Also, before you start writing, it might help you to know the best way to write.
  • Make sure you have the materials to write. Otherwise, you might be on a roll, and then…you run out of paper/laptop power/ink. You do not want to be doing that, believe me – you might lose your muse! Disaster!

And then, whilst you’re writing: 

  • Just keep writing, don’t stop. There’s no point in stopping, otherwise you might not start again!
  • Don’t look back, don’t edit. You’ll never finish. Once you’re done, you can go back and revise, but not before then!
  • Don’t think about how bad it might be. It’s a first draft, it’s practically compulsory for it to be crap!

Finally, once you’re done: 

  • Edit, edit, edit! Make sure it’s perfect, so you have something to be proud of.
  • Don’t hide it away. Share your writing online, or with friends and family if you’re not ready for strangers to see it.
  • Enter it into..things. Competitions, online writing communities, you know what.
  • Put it online. Don’t be afraid about copyright laws – it’s yours. No one can take it.

Don’t be afraid of writing – it’s a wonderful thing!

And I’m starting a new thing, called ‘random GIF of the week’, so here’s the first!