Free Downloadable Stay-at-home Bookmarks!

I can’t be the only turning my boredom into a little bit of creativity. I made these bookmarks at the end of my working-from-home day, but wasn’t sure what to do with them… so I thought I’d make them free and downloadable for you!

The first one comes in two colours: black and white, and then blue for our NHS. The polka dot one is just for fun. And the final one is inspired by another bookmark I saw and I thought it was quite amusing.

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How To Make A Mini-Zine Electronically | FREE Template!

So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about zines: inspiration for them, and why you should write them. The latter post included an extra little bit about how to make zines, but I realised that a lot of people reading this would be writers, and therefore want to make the zines electronically. In all due respect to my stupidity, only two out of the four I made for Mini-Zine March were done electronically. The other two were hand drawn/written (and was super rewarding in the latter part!). However, my electronic ones came out very well so I’m a happy rabbit.

Anyway; how to make zines electronically is what this is all about. For this, you need three things: a laptop, computer, tablet, or something equally acceptable. A printer is required (well, you could put it into just PDF format, but printing it is the point!). And you need Microsoft Word. (And, uh, your brain might be helpful. <3)  Continue reading “How To Make A Mini-Zine Electronically | FREE Template!”