Book Reviews: Dark Touch Series by Amy Meredith

I thought I’d do a review of 4 books in 1 post! So this series is called the Dark Touch series and its by author Amy Mereith. Set in Deepdene, a town on the American east coast, the series follows three teenagers, Eve, Jess and Luke, as they battle demons and Eve learns of her new powers of the Deepdene Witch.

If you don’t want to read all of the reviews below, here’s a quick one. I gave each book three stars (but I enjoyed The Hunt and Fever the most) because although they were interesting and entertaining, they weren’t the best things I’ve ever read and some things did annoy me, like the constant name-dropping of products like iPhones etc. It was humorous in places, sad in places, scary in places. I quite liked them, though, and read all four in a day each. They’re not long reads, and perfect for 11+ year old girls (well, that’s who they’re clearly aimed at!). Recommended.

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