Head-y Headcanons

Hello, readers! 

So, headcanons!

First offs: what are headcanons?


Well, according to Urban Dictionary, headcanons are:

“An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the reader themselves or the fandom in general. If it is confirmed by the author of the story, it becomes canon.”

So, basically, a headcanon is a little thing that fans make up.

“But, why are you making a post about this?” Because, my friend, of the deadly disease of the writer: writer’s block.

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, why not write a few headcanons? They aren’t long enough to make a story, but they aren’t short enough to make them impossible. Furthermore, if they’re about your own characters, then guess what: you can make them canon!

I often say that you should try and write something every single damn day – so, if you don’t want to add a bit more to your story because you’re so tired, or you can’t bear to start a new one/start editing just yet, then why not make up a few little headcanons?

“But how do you write a headcanon?” 

Well, have a look around you. Think up something completely random! Maybe it’s something like “____ loves the colour blue.” Really, it can be about anything! It doesn’t have to be perfect, remember – not all headcanons are. They just add in extra information about the book or thing you’re writing about.


Does that persuade you to write a headcanon/inform you about it? I hope so! Any questions? Shoot!

Oh, and also: ‘headcanon’ can be abbreviated to ‘HC’ – just something to watch out for!

How To Write Good Fanfiction – Last Tips and Why To Write It!

Hi guys! I realised that it wasn’t the greatest idea to have a ‘titles’ one, because I have already done one on titles. So today is last writing tips and, finally, why to write it!

Some last tips/must-do’s/know’s for you fanfictional writers out there:

  • Make sure you know the characters as well as you can, unless they’re a minor character in the story! If, in the original story/TV program/etc, they are a background character – well, then you can feel free to make it up.
  • Make sure your OCs aren’t perfect people – One Direction writers, I’m looking at you!
  • Make sure the plot is an original one.
  • If your writing a oneshot, make sure you tell the whole story – though, don’t drag it on.
  • If you’re writing a longer story, then tell the whole story and make it satisfying – but, again, don’t drag it on.

So, finally, why should you write fanfiction?

Fanfictional writers are fans – clue is in the name. They love what they’re writing about (obviously) and tend to write because they have lots more ideas that just aren’t canon (in line with the story the author has written).

Writers of fanfiction love what they’ve written – especially if it’s a long one, as it’s like creating a whole new episode/book. So when you’re reviewing a story make sure you take that into account!

But, most of all, make sure you write fanfiction – and original fiction, I guess – because you enjoy it. 

Questions? Shoot. 🙂


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How To Write Good Fanfiction – Own Characters/OCs

Wahayyyy!! Time to put the ‘fun’ into ‘fanfiction’ (…that didn’t exactly work as well as I hoped).

OWN CHARACTERS! Basically, making your own characters to put into the story! Great fun. But, your readers will only like them – and you’ll, most importantly, only really get good reviews – if they’re relatable, interesting and actually add to the story.

So, what makes own characters (I’m now gonna call them ‘OCs’) good? Well, here’s a few ways to do that:

  • Make them relatable. Give them a problem you can relate to – for example, if they were in the Harry Potter universe, perhaps they’re having boy trouble, or their brother has been kidnapped by Voldemort or something.
  • Make them interesting. Don’t make them shallow. Give them character. Let them have quirks. Maybe they swish their fringe every few minutes or so. Maybe they have a twitchy eye.
  • Make them have flawsYou have no idea how boring it is to read a story where the character can perfectly read every single language, or perfectly can do the awesome martial art kick to knock out the bad guy. Even if their main flaw is that their dyslexic, and perhaps they’re trying to enter a spelling bee.
  • Make them add to the storyThere’s no point in having a character if they’re just a love interest for the character you like because they don’t have one/you don’t like their canon.
  • Make them have history. There’s no point in a character with no background.
  • Make them interact with the canon characters. It’s not the ‘OC’ show. The characters matter too – especially as, though you know your OC, your readers don’t. They know the canon characters, and that’s who they’re reading for. Not the random OC.

Now, what you’ve got to know about many people is that they don’t like OCs. So you have to make yours really awesome to get them read. And remember you have to have a good story line (see below) in order for it to actually be read.

Hope that helped. Questions? Hit me. 🙂

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