Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters | Epic Riordan Readalong

Hello all, and welcome to the second week of the Epic Riordan Readalong! I really enjoyed reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief this week, and we’re of course continuing on the series by moving onto Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters! 

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Percy Jackson continues on his journey as a half-blood, this time his quest taking him to the sea from where his father comes from. Percy must travel on the same quest Jason took – to find the Golden Fleece and protect Camp Half-Blood from harm.

The reading schedule is now up on the YouTube channel, and I’ve started to host Twitter chats on Twitter! Make sure to follow our Instagram too to see some great fanart and fan posts too.

ICYMI, the questions from last week’s Twitter chat on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief were…

  1. Which cabin do you think you would be in at Camp Half-Blood?
  2. Throughout the book, Percy is troubled by prophetic dreams. How important do you think dreams are in literature?
  3. *spoilers* Luke betrays Camp Half-Blood – but do you sympathise with him at all?
  4. The Three Fates appear to Percy early on in the quest. Do you believe in fate?
  5. If you could have a magical object, what would you have?

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I’m really excited to read book 2 in the Percy Jackson series, so, until the next time,

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2018 Reading Challenges

I haven’t set anything up for the year, really, but earlier I was thinking about any reading challenges that I wanted to participate in this year, and I thought I would post about it anyway.

The Epic Riordan Readalong

Of course, this is the main challenge i’m doing this year, and I happen to be running it too. You can stay up to date with it on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and I’ll be posting reviews on Sprinkled With Words AND updates on this blog that may be a bit more personal. Lots going on! [And my bestie Natalie is also doing posts on her blog!]

Basically, it’s all about reading Rick Riordan’s books, starting with the Percy Jackson series. I’m so excited!


Goodreads Challenge

The second and last challenge I’m doing this year is the Goodreads Challenge! Last year I read 147 books, so this year I have challenged myself to 100 books! I’m on 5 already, so I’m doing all right so far (but I really hope that doesn’t jinx it). You can stay up to date with my Goodreads goal by clicking here.

What’re some of your 2018 Reading Challenges? Are you joining in with any of the ones I’m doing?


Until the next time,

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