Friday Reads | 08/12/17

Hello all! Today is Fri-yay, and that means… Friday Reads!

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me this weekend pretending to read for my degree but just wanting to read saga. img: best animations 

If you didn’t know, Friday reads is a meme where you chat about what you’re reading over the coming weekend. I’m really excited about my TBR, so here we go!

This weekend, I am planning on reading a lot of essays for my medieval writing module for my degree, so I have three books to sift through:

  • The Magical Quest by Anne Wilson – I’m really hoping that this will help me to write about one of my favourite medieval tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 
  • Boundaries in Medieval Romance by the Medieval Romance Conference – I’ve only flicked through this one, and only one essay looks like it will be helpful, but I still think that it’ll be a great one to read.
  • Understanding Genre and Medieval Romance by KS Whetter – nope, no idea what’s in this one, but I hope it’ll be good!

I also have a few online essays to read, as well as The Medieval British Literature Handbook, which I’ve actually had for weeks and barely looked through. Should be interesting!

As for other books, I also would love to finish The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. I am about half way through it, and I am loving it so far! I’m really excited to read some of the shorter stories, though, and finally finish this epic collection. It’s also really helpful to my short story module for uni, so I’m excited to finish and hopefully it’ll help my final piece!

I also really want to read the poems collected in the Little Black Classic collection Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen. If you didn’t know, I vlog about LBCs all the time, and this was my latest pick. I’ve read a couple of the poems in here already, and I’m so excited to read them. There’s 36 in all.

So that is my Friday Reads! I would love to know what you’re all looking to read this weekend, so let me know in the comments below! Until the next time,

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The Surprise of Poetry

e26397c7fe425a5a91b89fa5e4d92929Before I came to university, I didn’t write much poetry. I’d been writing more in the past year or so of A-Levels, but before then I had written maybe one or two poems. They were all terrible. As in, I don’t have them anymore, they were strings of words strung together in no real sense, terrible. Or sometimes they were flat prose in poem form (which is probably worse than just flat prose).  Continue reading “The Surprise of Poetry”