Monthly Reading Wrap-Up | July 2021

Another month is over in 2021, and I can’t quite believe how fast it’s going! The first four months of the year crawled by at a snail’s pace, and now they’ve flown by!

July was quite a busy month for me. I finished my first year of teaching (my training year, but it was also a full year!), went to stay with my partner, had a mini-break, and attended my first wedding reception as an adult! It was a blast, and I had a really lovely month, especially the last few weeks of it.

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Book Review | All Fall Down by Sally Nicholls

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It’s 1349, and something has come to England. People are dying – but that’s happening far away, right? Isabel never dreams that the Black Death will come to her little village… until it does. Now she has only her wits, her courage, and hope to survive.

I was pretty disappointed by the start of this book, however it did finish by picking up and becoming engrossing.

All Fall Down follows the story of Isabel, a child during the Black Death in a little village near York in 1349. Considering the terror nowadays about all sorts of diseases (swine flu, bird flu, ebola, coronavirus…) this book is really interesting to read. It really puts into perspective how many people really did die of the Black Death, and what life would’ve been like when you lost basically everyone you’ve ever known.

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