Guest Post On This Blog!

I take it you’re here because you’re interested in guest posting on this here blog. Oui ou non? If oui, I suggest carrying on!

I’ve never actually guest blogged on someone else’s blog (although, if you’re asking, yes I’d love to!) so I’m going to do this in my own unconventional way.

Basically what I’m looking for is enthusiastic people who love books/writing/ranting about books and writing to join in and get their blog posts published HERE. And you don’t have to have a blog to submit, don’t worry. (Admittedly this kind of sounds like a job interview, but it’s not. Promise.)

If you would like to guest blog, just write a 400-600 word piece on something which would fit in with this blog (but I am not looking for book reviews at the moment, sorry!). Just have a look back through all of the pieces to find out what goes on here if you haven’t been following for long. If you want to post the piece on your own blog, too, then feel free as well. 🙂

(aaaaaand if you just write creatively but don’t fancy blogging about anything non-fiction, you can send me a short story/poem/extract! I guess if this generates a big response I might open it up into a regular feature)

Interested? If so, please email me at sprinkledwithwords[at]hotmail[dot]com. Include the following:

  • Name you want to be published with
  • Title of piece
  • Link to anything you want linked, eg blog, twitter, instagram… (you can have more than one)
  • A 50-100 word author bio.
  • And please attach the article as a DOCUMENT (either Word or OpenOffice, or something I can open).

Please only send one article at a time and wait until your most recent one has been published before you send another. Your articles may be subjected to editing by me (don’t worry I won’t change the meaning or anything) and if you want to include some pictures, feel free! (I like pictures.) If you don’t include a title/cover picture, I’ll just make one for you.

Guest blogs are going to be posted on THURSDAY (but feel free to send them in at any time!).


Can’t wait to (hopefully ;P) read all your posts!


I’ve had a few people ask me for post ideas, so here’s a few!

  • A personal event that changed your writing style
  • Something that inspired you
  • A piece you’ve written (about the same length as an article please!)
  • Some books that have inspired you and why
  • Your favourite thing about writing
  • Your least favourite thing about writing

You guys can also just search “post idea generator” into Google. Portent is one of my favourites.

Oh, and if you’re worried I’ve done anything like you’re doing before, then feel free to search it on my blog (I have written a lot of posts, so this is something you might want to be aware of!).

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Guest Post On This Blog!

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