Hello everyone! I hope I find you all well!

Last week was half term for me, so I had a whole bundle of fun! What did you guys get up to?

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Hello everyone, and happy Monday to you all! I hope you’re well? So, what have you been up to this week?

I’ve been really bad at updating my Wattpad short story collection (oops) but I’ve been reading Maus, Gone Girl and Deadpool’s Art of War (that link’ll take you to my Goodreads review by the way!). So that’s kind of fair deal… right?

Hopefully, I’m going to get my blogging up and running again this week! So that’ll be a Wednesday post, a Friday post and a book review. Who’s excited?! ;D

Have a nice week everyone! 🙂

Ah Yes, That Thing Called New Year

Hello all!

So, this thing called New Year happened… 15 days ago. And aside from one (scheduled) book review, I haven’t posted anything on this blog at all! Uh, sorry about that.

I don’t really have much to say in way of apology except that everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong (outside my friendship group that is, thank goodness). I’m sure you’ll have all heard the news about Alan Rickman now, and I was so sad yesterday I couldn’t write let alone blog.

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14/12/15 – AWOL ness

Hey guys! So, uh, sorry for going totally AWOL for a week on both of my blogs, and most social media. Yeah. Was not cool.

I am going to try my utter hardest to get blog posts up this week. I’m going to put one on my other blog tomorrow about 25 Bookish Habits You Should Know About Me (ahah, heads up) and perhaps a Top Ten Tuesday if I like the prompt. ( 😉 )

Anyway, I don’t really have an excuse except for being super tired and busy. I’ve had coursework and Macbeth and Pulp Fiction are almost literally killing me. And a dissertation to do as well. Someone save me before I shoot Jason (yes, as in the Argonauts one…).

Have a lovely week folks, and I hope to see you back here on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (and Thursday if someone sends in a post!).



It’s December!! Whoo! Winter! Christmas! Hot chocolate! Cuddles!

Aside from the cold and heavy snow making transport impossible (which doesn’t actually happen down here much), I do love this time of year.

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Monday, I forgot and then it was too late… what a surprise!

I hope everyone’s well! I’m still doing my 23 day writing challenge although I’m a bit behind – you can read what I’ve gotten up to so far on Wattpad, if you like.

There’ll hopefully be a Wednesday and Friday post this week! Yay!

(I’ve also just realised today is not Tuesday and is, in fact, Wednesday.)

Also guys remember I’m still taking guest blogs, so head on over and have a look and if you want, send in an article or at least an idea for one! If you haven’t had any experience before, don’t be afraid – send me an idea and I’ll help you to write it!

Have a nice week, all!


Hello everyone! Sorry this post is a day late. I completely forgot yesterday, which is a tad awkward.

So thus far this week I’ve already, with the help from friends, resurrected our book club! We’re running until at least July, and so far we have books like Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, NYPD RED by James Patterson and Boys Don’t Cry by Malory Blackman. There’s been a few qualms with sorting out books etc. but all is sorted now and I’m excited to start!

I was also pleasantly pleased with past me (for once) for queuing a post for last Friday! I hope you enjoyed that two-part “series”. No book discussion last week, but I’ll try and get one up this week.

How’s your week gone so far? Hope it goes well for the rest of it!


Hello! Happy Monday and all of that doo-dah.

I’m in a pretty good mood today. I went to a gig of my favourite artist, Frank Turner, last Friday which was absolutely amazing! (Uh, thanks boyfriend for the tickets!) NaNoWriMo is going (I wouldn’t necessarily say well, but at least I’m due to finish in February 2016 as opposed to April 2016 as it was yesterday), my work at college is also going, I wrote a rather sad 500 word short story (which I might post another day on my other blog) of which I have already fallen in love with the character, and I’m playing with my story cubes again. So yeah. Good.

The only thing is… This blog? Not so good.

Guys, whaddya want from me (CUE TAKE THAT)? I’m struggling to come up with Friday posts nowadays, except for making lots and lots of lists! So, if you have any ideas, want to see something, want some help or just want to have a chat, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll keep on trying to blog this week anyway!

Have a lovely week, all!


It’s Moooooooooooooooooooonday! And that means the start of a brand new week. For those in UK education, that’ll also mean the official start to half-term. Yay! And for those attempting NaNoWriMo out there, that means 5 more days until Day 1… I hope you’re prepared! (Or, y’know, not. Like me.)

This week, I shall strive to get out all 4 (four?!) posts. And, if I can read the last book in the series in time, I’ll try and get out a quadruple book review for a young-teenager demon-fighting series. Fun times.

Thanks for not, y’know, eating me due to last week’s failures. I’ll try better! 

This week’s going to be fairly hectic for me, I think, so no more procrastination. I should also probably lay off the italics. It doesn’t really help that I’ve kicked off the week being ill, but there we go.

Have a lovely week, all!