Looking Back at my 2021 Reading Goals | 12 Days of Blogmas

Before looking forward, the end of the year gives us a chance to reflect back on the past year – what went well, what didn’t, what we liked, disliked, and sometimes our goals change over just 12 months!

My reading goals for 2022 will be coming soon, but I thought I’d take the chance to day to look back at the ones I set all the way back in January.

I’m going to look at my goals as a whole rather than each one individually, so let’s go!

The Goals

  • Read for 20 minutes each day
  • Read 1 book a week
  • Read 5 non-fiction books
  • Buy maximum three books a month
  • Try one 24 hour readathon
  • Join a book group
  • Read a book from every continent
  • Reread 5 books

Let’s Look Back

Some of these goals I really thought long and hard about, and they are the ones I worked on. I was desperate to join a book group, and I finally set up my own in December, so that’s a goal hit I think! Despite being a very non-social person, the pandemic made me realise how much I need that sociability, and if I can combine it with my love of literature, that’s even better!

Two other goals I really tried to stick to: reading for 20 minutes a day, and reading one book a week. I really tried hard to read for 20 minutes a day, and even if I didn’t, having that conscious effort made me want to prioritise reading.

My reading equated to reading one book a week, and there was only one month – November – where I didn’t follow through with this. Still, I managed to read 77 books over the year, so I’m pretty happy with that!

The buying maximum three books a month started off well, then it… didn’t. Let’s not talk too much about this – I lack willpower, okay! But it’s on my 2022 goal list too, because I do want to try and stick to it more over the new year.

As for the other books, I think when I made this list I thought of what a goal list should look like (in my head) and just did targets for those. I love rereading books but don’t massively care; I want to diversify my reading but I never look at the continents until after reading; and I enjoy non-fiction books but I mostly read articles or biographies. For my 2022 goals, I tried to consider more what I actually wanted to work towards, rather than what I felt I ought to be working towards.

Ultimately, I think my reading goals gave me something to aim towards, but I had just as many misses as hits! Don’t forget to follow my blog so you can see my 2022 goals, though, as this look back has helped me make a better goal list for the future.

What were your 2021 goals? Did you hit them? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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