Books I Received for Christmas! | 12 Days of Blogmas

I’ve been so fortunate to receive some wonderful presents this Christmas including some amazing books! I also have some in the post thanks to some book vouchers I received too, and I will be writing a future post about all the books I bought with those vouchers. Let’s just say, I’ll be reading a lot in 2022!

In my stocking, Santa gave me three books!

No description available.

The first is The Unofficial Harry Potter Cooking Wizardry book which has some great recipes in it, though it’s unofficial! I’m going to be looking through it in the next few days and choosing some to try in the next few days. I also got Harry Potter A Magical Year which has been illustrated by Jim Kay (sensing a theme?!) and had to stop myself from flicking through every single page so I don’t spoil it for myself! The idea with this book is that every day I read an excerpt from Harry Potter alongside beautiful illustrations.

And the final book is Hampshire Murders by Nicola Sly; I have a few other books in this series including Norfolk and Cornwall Murders. It’s a bit gruesome but true crime fascinates me!

No description available.

From my parents, I received Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Minalima, which is a beautifully illustrated, interactive novel. I have the first book and asked if I could get this one too! I’ve already read some of it and looked at the interactive illustrations and they are simply stunning.

No description available.

The final book I received is from my best friend Natalie who bought me S. by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst which is an incredible book. It’s almost beyond just a book and is a creative project or item to have in your collection. The idea behind S. is that it’s a library book called Ship of Theseus by VM Straka that has been annotated by two students, Jennifer and Eric. Straka himself is a secretive writer, whose story is entwined the words he wrote. This book is really hard to get hold of, so I am so so grateful to Natalie for getting it for me! Now to figure out just how to read it…

Like I said, I am so grateful to have received so many wonderful books for Christmas this year! I gave a lot of books too and I think sharing literature one of the best things you could do. Did you receive any books for Christmas?

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