Books I’d Love to See Under my Christmas Tree!

I’d been in a put of a book slump, but the past couple of weeks has rejuvenated my love of literature, and has got me very excited to think about the books I’d love to get my mitts on!

Of course, I have tonnes of books unread on my shelves, but like any bookworm (read: hoarder) I am always looking for interesting new tomes to add to the list…


Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan (all three books please Santa!)

Okay, I won’t lie – this book is literally the reason I made this list. I am part way through reading this book and I borrowed it from the library, but I think I’m going to have to buy the second so I can start to annotate! I already want to reread the first and I’m not yet finished! If you’ve not heard of Girls of Paper and Fire, it’s a fantasy novel following seventeen-year-old Lei who becomes a Paper Girl – the posh name for a concubine to the Demon King. Lei hates her life, even when she begins to find love with someone unexpected, and I am sensing an uprising…

Maurice by E.M. Forster

Maurice by EM Forster

Maurice is a 20th-century novel featuring two men in love – and was given a somewhat mixed reception upon publication in 1971, published a year after Forster died. Forster was gay himself, but repressed his desires – in the war, as a conscientious objector, he “lost his respectability” to a wounded soldier, showing his own opinion of his sexuality. Maurice is a novel I’ve been wanting to read for a while as I loved A Room with a View and Where Angels Fear to Tread and I really want to read/reread all of his novels again soon!

First Look At MinaLima’s Illustrated Edition Of ‘Harry ...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Minalima

I already own the Philosopher’s Stone Minalima version of this book, and the Chamber of Secrets one just looks beautiful! Minalima are the graphic designers of Harry Potter, and they have begun to bring out their own versions of the books. I love their other editions too, especially Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan! Actually, could I just get the whole Minalima backlist under my tree?

So those are three novels I’d love to find under my tree! To be honest, as a bookworm I’d be happy with any novel, and I’m grateful to spend the day with my family and have fun – with or without books!

But I still want to know – what books do you want to find under your tree?

Until next time,



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