Blog Tour | Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis | book review

In today’s post, I’m very excited to be taking part in a blog tour for new spy thriller novel Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis, published on November 4th, 2021 by Canelo Crime! You can check the book out on Amazon and Goodreads now, but continue reading to hear my thoughts! Thank you very much to The Book Network and Canelo Crime for gifting me a copy of the book.


To live among wolves, first you must become one… An unmissable new spy thriller from best-selling master of the genre, Alex Gerlis.

War is coming to Europe. British spymaster Barnaby Allen begins recruiting a network of agents in Germany. With diplomatic relations quickly unravelling, this pack of spies soon comes into their own: the horse-loving German at home in Berlin’s underground; the young American sports journalist; the mysterious Luftwaffe officer; the Japanese diplomat and the most unlikely one of all… the SS officer’s wife. Despite constant danger and the ever-present threats of discovery and betrayal, Allen’s network unearths top-secret plans for a new German fighter plane – and a truly devastating intelligence prize… an audacious Japanese plan to attack the United States. But can they prove it? The race is on.

About the Author

Alex Gerlis is the author of the acclaimed Spies series of four Second World War espionage thrillers which are noted for their detailed research and intricate plots and feature two great adversaries: the British spymaster Edgar and his Soviet counterpart Viktor. The television/film rights for The Best of Our Spies have been bought by a major production company. Born in Lincolnshire, Alex was a BBC journalist for nearly 30 years. He lives in west London with his wife and family and three black cats, a breed which makes cameo appearances in his books. He’s a lifelong supporter of Grimsby Town, which has provided some preparation for the highs and lows of writing novels. When asked if he has worked in the field of espionage he declines to answer in the hope some people may think he has.

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My Review

If you are looking for an exciting, World War Two spy thriller, look no further! I was nervous about turning every page, just in case something happened!

Werner was a very fun and interesting character! An avid horse racer-turned-spy, he is also a gay man living in 1930s Germany. Gerlis brought the “underground” LGBT+ world into his book without making it a huge plot point – it was just part of the character.

To be honest I’ve not read many spy books, but I would be intrigued to read more, especially ones like this that are packed full of history and twists. It leaves you wondering what you would do in these situations, and gives some strong moral questions – would you leave someone or risk your own life to help them out, not knowing what would happen? Would you want your currency to be secrets?

I hope you enjoyed my review and consider reading Agent in Berlin (Amazon and Goodreads) soon! It’s a great novel to read during long winter nights to completely transport you to another time and place. And don’t forget to check out Canelo Crime and The Book Network too.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time,



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