Monthly Reading Wrap-Up | September 2021

The ninth month of the year is, somehow, over!

September was somehow more hectic than August, and I had my most disappointing reading month of the year so far, reading only 3 books. Whilst the books were really enjoyable, I do wish I had made reading more of a priority and read more books this month! That’s definitely one of my goals for October: to make time to read.

But what did I read?

#1 Adventures in Stationery by James Ward (4.5/5; non-fiction; library; paperback).

This was a thoroughly enjoyable book, all about the history of Ward’s favourite stationery items, full with personal anecdotes and dry wit. I don’t think this book would be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of people like Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig, both of QI fame, I think you would enjoy this novel.

#2 Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo (4/5; fiction; audiobook).

This book was entirely not what I expected, in such a great way! I absolutely loved it, from the fact I had to Google if Kim Jiyoung was a real person, to the feminist facts about Korea, and the fact I actually enjoyed a literary novel for once. The name “Kim Jiyoung” is the Western equivalent to “Jane Doe,” and it tells the story of one woman just as well as it tells the story of every woman. Like Adventures in Stationery, Kim Jiyoung will be, I think, an acquired taste, however, if you’re not sure, stick at it! It’s almost novella-length, so short enough to be read in a day.

“Jiyoung, don’t stay out of trouble. Run wild! Run wild, you hear me?”

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

#3 This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron (4/5; paperback; YA magical realism; first in a series)

This Poison Heart had been so hyped up, and I’m glad to say I really enjoyed it! I have not yet read Bayron’s other novel, Cinderella is Dead, but it’s definitely one I’ve now added to my TBR. This novel had a pretty slow start, but I’m glad I kept reading because it became so great! However, the last 20 pages or so bordered on the ridiculous, which is a shame, because the rest of the book was so good. If you want to read my thoughts, I wrote a full review which you can click here to read!

And those were the 3 books I read in September! What did you read? Have you got any of these books on your TBR?

Until next time,



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