Why Do I Suck at Finishing Series?

I love reading series; I think the fact you can be so fully immersed into the world is wonderful, and there is so much scope for world building. Think of the things you’re still learning about the novel and characters in the final novel that you never even thought about in the first!

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The majority of the series on my shelf have been read… apart from the final novel. It’s always this last volume that I have trouble finishing. Why is that?

It frustrates me not finishing a book series! I want to know what happens to characters, especially when they are some of my favourites, and often the final novel has the biggest climatic ending I am desperate to find out about, so why do I keep putting it off?! I reflected deeply (ha!) and have a few reasons why…

I am scared I will be sad

This is certainly one of the biggest reasons for some of my favourite series like Murder Most Unladylike. This book series has been very important to me for various reasons, and I haven’t read it because I know I just don’t want to leave the world behind! Obviously I can go back and reread the series, but it’s just not the same! I sometimes follow series from the first book to last in publication order like this one, and I don’t like not having another book to look forward to!

I’ve moved on

This has happened quite a lot as I’ve grown up a reader. I started series and never finished them because there were a few years between each book and I’ve simply grown out of them! I do still read children’s books fairly frequently, but there are some that are just no longer for me.

I’ve forgotten what has happened

Eek… this is definitely becoming more common! I have not finished the Magnus Chase or Trials of Apollo series because I know I’ll have to reread the entire series to enjoy it because I just can’t remember what’s happened! I will finish both of these sometime in the future, but it’s a bigger commitment to read 3+ books rather than just 1.

Other new books distract me!

I am very easily distracted in most aspects of my daily life, and literature is no different! I struggle to stick to a series for a long period of time, especially if I have to break in between books for publication or getting hold of them, and just never end up picking them back up because newer, shiner novels have appeared!

Do you often read a lot of series, and if so, do you actually finish them?!

Until next time,

Hannah đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Why Do I Suck at Finishing Series?

      1. I’ve heard so many great things about Community and watch clips but haven’t sit down to binge it. OUAT…OMG…yes. I like to rewatch it but then stop before it gets the last season or two because that would mean it’s really over.

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