Unboxing | Books By Nature: “Into the Wilderness” | August 2021

It’s an even month, which means it’s time to unbox my favourite book box!

Books By Matter has quickly become my favourite box, because they use eco-conscious products, choose well-themed books and items, and even plant a tree every time you purchase a book from them. I think they are soon going to be a very competitive book box on the market.

This month’s theme was “Into the Wilderness”, and the items were so well catered to the book and the theme of the box! But what were the items?! Let’s have a look inside…

This month, we received:

  • A flower pressed resin hair comb by KreAtiveByKCStore
  • Luna Eyes self-heating eye mask by Sensory Retreats
  • Vintage-style floral stickers
  • Warm Cinnamon Munchy Seeds
  • Collectable print
  • And the book: Dream Scout by Missy Sheldrake. We also received some special material!
    • Signed book plate
    • A double-sided, signed, gilded art print
    • Holographic sticker of the book’s cover
    • Fox charm

To me, this box just screams cottagecore summer! It makes me want to sit in a hammock in a floaty dress, munching on my snacks, reading in the sunshine as I brush my hair with a comb. Now that’s a Pinterest-worthy snap.

The Items

Let’s have a look at the individual items! My favourite item was the hair comb. This is a resin hair-comb pressed with real flowers. I don’t really use combs myself as my hair is Hagrid-esque, and I don’t know how strong this comb is, but so far it’s holding up pretty well, and I’ve actually managed to get it through my hair! This item was teased on Instagram by BBN, and I’m so excited to have something this gorgeous.

I’ve yet to use a self-heating eye mask, but will definitely be trying it out soon. What I really love about this particular mask is that it is reusable, which eludes again to BBN’s eco-conscious stance. It’s also lavender-scented! (The eye mask, not BBN’s eco-consciousness.)

My personal least-favourite item is the Munchy Seeds, but that’s simply because they’re not to my taste. I am not a fan of cinnamon or seeds particularly, but not everything in a box can cater to everyone, especially when it comes to edible items, so I’m still happy they were included. I will be able to give them to a friend or family member who will enjoy them far more than I!

And the three stickers were super cute editions too. I will be using them in my book journal!

The collectable prints keep getting better. This month’s trees were planted in India, and the back of the card tells us the names of the different phases of the moon.

The Book

58423018. sy475

A Dream Scout must follow the paths set before him. For the druids of Sorlen Grove, rules are a way of life. They live in service to the Rianaves: ancient, sentient trees who provide everything they need. But for Elliot Eldinae, a teen-aged Dream Scout who can transform into a fox at will, life in the secret Grove is not as idyllic as it seems. When the paths set before him in Dreaming lead to Cerion, the land of men, his journeys outside of his hidden Grove unravel the threads of everything he ever thought he knew.

Venturing through Dreaming reveals a beautiful human girl with a magical voice, a scourge of wicked Sorcerers, and a plot to assassinate a prince and steal the throne from beneath an ailing, elderly king. As the truths of the greater world are revealed to him, Elliot is faced with a choice: find true love and save a prince, or remain at false peace in a controlling Grove where memories are plucked and lies are planted like seeds to keep everyone compliant.

Filled with magic, wonder, beauty, and twists, and alive with multiple award-winning author Missy Sheldrake’s love for the magic of nature, it is the Grove’s will that you should read this unforgettable fantasy adventure. – summary via Goodreads

This book has received some very positive reviews from readers I follow on Instagram and Goodreads, so I am very excited to get into it. It’s actually the second in a series, but can be read as a standalone, which kind of rocks! It seems like it’s going to be a very whimsical, magical novel. If you want to stay up to date with my thoughts, you can follow me on my Instagram or Goodreads accounts (both sprinkledwithwords).

What makes a book box feel more special than simply buying the book at a store is the uniqueness. Some book boxes do special editions, but for me it’s the personalised touches that make me want to keep hold of these books for years to come. The special material we received in this box – a signed bookplate (a sticker the author signed than you stick in the front of a book); a double-sided, signed, gilded art print which is the one of the most beautiful items I have ever seen; the holographic sticker; and the fox charm – all make this box different to just purchasing the novel off Amazon.

Final thoughts

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable book box! I love boxes that feel like presents whenever you open them, and a BBN box certainly feels like a gift. You can purchase their boxes by clicking here!

What did you think of this box? Would you have bought it for yourself? At the time of writing, there are still 3 available if you did want to purchase one!


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