Book Review | Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

Trigger warnings: transphobia, cyberbullying

Transgender, gay teen Felix Love has never been in love, and he is aware of the irony. When someone begins posting his old, pre-transition pictures, and sending him transphobic messages on Instagram, Felix devises a plan of revenge. Along the way, he learns about one of the most important relationships in his life: the one with himself.

Felix Ever After is a YA book that should be on every library’s shelves. At the fundamental core of the novel, we have a teenager who is learning about themselves, and how to navigate the world around them.

Felix was a great protagonist for this novel, as he was both flawed and someone we rooted for. At the beginning of the novel, I rooted for him above all else, but the revenge plot really made me consider whether he was a good person or not! It’s his growth that I think is the most important part of the novel, and really puts it into the coming-of-age genre.

Most of the plot is about revenge, and misdirected revenge. I didn’t really connect with the plot, nor understand how Felix came to the conclusion he did, but thinking back to my attitude at the same age, I think I understand it a bit more! Felix is angry, an emotion that derives from others. In reality, Felix is hurt and feels abandoned and at risk from harm, and his attitude to society as an angry young man made me care for him.

The other characters didn’t have much of a part to play, aside from the two main secondary characters and Felix’s father. I wish that they had had more page time; we spend an awful lot of time in Felix’s head, and you have to wonder how reliable he is as a narrator! Whilst this is a coming-of-age novel, which typically is very close to one character, I do think more page time with the other characters may have been beneficial.

The author’s writing style is strong and vivid. I could really see everything going on! Callender did bring Felix and his world to life. I do wish that more books were illustrated, because I would have actually loved to see Felix’s paintings.

Like I said at the start of this review, Felix Ever After is a book that everyone should have access to. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to recommend it!

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