Unboxing | Books That Matter: Choose Love | May 2021

I am still loving this gorgeous, feminist book box. I have been buying this book box for a few months now, and I am continuously enjoying them.

Books That Matter sometimes teams up with other charities and companies, and this month they have partnered with Choose Love, a charity that supports refugees from around the world. In their store, you can buy merchandise as well as purchasing things like nappies, portable phone chargers, emergency blankets, and tents which go straight to the people who need them the most. In the future, I am definitely planning on supporting this charity further.

Without further ado, let’s get into the box!

  • A “Choose Love” cookie
  • 3x Choose Love postcards
  • Choose Love-themed bookmark
  • “Love has no borders” keyring
  • Choose Love tote bag
  • And of course, the book: Voices of the Lost by Hoda Barakat

Not only was this box lovingly themed, the colour scheme was clearly put together with thought. Every time I open a Books That Matter box, there is an immense sense of calmness, and this box was no different. Beautiful pinks and oranges greeted us, and even though the items were relatively simple, I seriously enjoyed them! I think my favourite was the keyring, and I also really enjoyed the bookmark: very simple, but also very effective.

The book is called Voices of the Lost. It is translated from the original Arabic, and sounds very intriguing. This is the synopsis from Goodreads:


Set in an unnamed, war-torn country, the novel consists of six letters—all intercepted by unintended recipients, all of whom are compelled to write their own letters of confession. An undocumented immigrant writes his former lover. A woman in a hotel writes a man from her past. An escaped torturer recounts his crimes to his mother. A former prostitute writes to her brother. A young queer man recounts to his estranged father his partner’s battle with AIDS. Finally, the mailman leaves his own note. Incisive, troubling and deeply human, this is an urgent story of lives intimately woven together in a society that is tearing itself apart.

It sounds like it’s going to be a fascinating and heart-wrenching novel. It’s also quite short so I’m hoping I might be able to consume it in a day.

What do you think about this book box? I loved it. The cookie was delicious!

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