Unboxing | Books By Nature April 2021 | Hidden in the Shadows

If you read my blog post from February, you will know I was blown away by this new book box, and I was so excited to get the next box! This box is bi-monthly, meaning every other month in this context, so we’re about to open the next release.

This box was made in collaboration with the author, and you can follow Books By Nature on their Instagram here! I love boxes that are made in collaboration, because they feel so personally. The author also included some extra bits in the box, which made me feel pretty spoilt!

So, what was in the box?

  • The book: Cloaked Shadows by Melissa Hawkes (an indie book, and a hardback!)
  • Extra goodies from the author:
    • 2 character drawings
    • A corner bookmark by @read.with.abi
    • A map of the Cloaked Shadows world
    • A button badge relating to an area of magic in the book – I received Healer!
    • A signed bookplate (already stuck in my book!)
  • A soy wax candle (smells lovely)
  • A gold-plated tasting spoon and fork (how cool!)
  • Wild apple & cinnamon Pukka tea
  • 2 handmade hair pins (I loved these!)
  • Retrocorn crushed sweet popcorn (tasty)
  • Amazon rainforest print

I adored this box! I think it really gave the impression of snuggling up with tea, popcorn, a candle, and your book to truly enjoy the book box. It seemed really well curated in terms of the items went well together – this seemed to have a bit of a “faerie food” theme, which, though I haven’t read it yet, I’m assuming has something to do with the book!

Books By Nature is a fantastic company (IMHO). With every box, you donate to a charity that plants trees around the world, this time going to the Amazon rainforest. Not only that, but they support independent businesses too.

We received so much in this box, it’s hard to believe it only costs £27! Like I said in the intro to this blog post, I felt pretty spoilt, and it was like receiving a super lux present. I 100% recommend this book box, and I can’t wait until July’s box is here!

What did you think of this book box? Have you subscribed to Books By Nature?

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