My Favourite Romance Tropes!

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It’s Valentine’s Day so of course I’m celebrating by talking about my favourite bookish romantic tropes! I’m not a big romance reader, but I do occasionally pick up a romantic novel. But, there’s normally a romance or two in the crime or historical, I can’t hide from it forever!

Forbidden Love

Gosh this is such a common trope, but sometimes clichés are there for a reason! I think this trope goes so well with crime novels and historical novels where often there are outside pressures that really raise the heat (heh) in these relationships!

My favourite relationship: it’s gotta be the classic Percabeth. If you’re not into Rick Riordan’s novels, this is the ship name of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, forbidden (technically) by who their parents are. It caused a lot of strife at the start of their relationship so I’m counting it but these two are ultimate goals too so of course they have to make a romance lost!

Slow Burn

A slow burn romance is painful to read in places when you want to yell “just kiss all ready” but when they get together at the end it is so satisfying and makes you want to cry and leap all over the place.

My favourite relationship: it has to be Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. The hand touch! The mixed communications! The romance!

Torn Apart

I’ve literally been torn apart from my own loved one due to this pandemic, but it’s a trope that I love especially in dystopian and crime novels. These characters show the phrase “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and as a reader you are constantly rooting for them to be geographically back together.

My favourite relationship: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. These two are so perfect for one another but were torn apart by the wizarding war. Ultimately they were reunited though!

Now, I do have lots of other relationships I love that haven’t made the list, and looking back at this post I think I’ve chosen 3 of the most popular relationships full stop! But I wouldn’t change it, cause, hey, that’s what Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate, right?

What are your favourite romantic bookish tropes?

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