Talking About My Recent Bookish Photos!

I’ve recently started posting on my bookstagram again, so I thought a nice return to blogging would be sharing some of my most recent pictures!

I’ve been loving the “vintage” style of bookish photography with warm brown tones, doilies, dried roses, and book pages. But I also like the “quieter”, “clean” style of photos with white backgrounds and bright colours.

I’ve tried to combine the two styles in my photography and enhancing these details in editing.

I think that’s something I really enjoy about Instagram nowadays: everyone knows everything is edited so people don’t hide it anymore! Whether it’s photoshopping in a flying book or simply enhancing the already existing details, it’s nice to be able to relish in editing.

Without further ado, let’s show the photos!

This photo shows a white rose in the foreground with a vintage edition of “Little Women” blurry behind it. Other features of the photo are also blurry: an old binoculars case, a red rose, and an old wooden box. I love how books are subtle in this photo, as if they have been plucked from the shelves and perused in between daily jobs.
This photo shows a hardback copy of “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell centre-right of the picture. Also featured are three wooden boxes, a lit pink candle, and the binoculars case and roses of the earlier picture. I think the blue of “Hamnet” works really well with this photo.
Finally, one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken! This is features a vintage copy of “Little Women” laying open, with a red and white rose, and a leather strap over the pages disappearing off camera to the centre bottom. I love this picture; it’s so simple but seems to capture a moment in time, as if the reader has paused and rested their flowers and leather strap to hold open the pages.

I hope you enjoyed me chatting about my photos! I am by no means a photographer but I like taking pictures anyway.

Follow my blog for more bookish content! I haven’t posted in a long time but I am planning on returning with more from now on. 📚

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