Book Review | The Old Man & the Gun by David Grann

Rating: 3/5
Source: Waterstones; paperback

Now, this is the type of book I want to write.

This book is a set of 3 true crime stories. The author expertly mixes reality with journalistic writing. It reads like a story rather than a news article, and you feel like you’re actually understanding the “characters” rather than them just being names on a page. We have a story about an old man and a gun; a mysterious murder eventually solved (?); and a top-rated impersonator who tried to pull off one of the biggest cons Interpol has ever seen.

I enjoyed the variety of stories too, and I think that the author chose a good order for them. The middle story is arguably the most gruesome, but when reading this book – short enough to be read in one sitting – one feels padded out by the other two stories and therefore not too pulled into the horrors.

Overall, I definitely recommend this, especially if you’re just dipping your toe into true crime. There’s no sigh of relief upon finishing – I wish these could be a bit longer – but it does leave you craving for more.

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