Reading Slump, oh no!

I write this with a glass of wine in my hand, wondering if I should watch a film or TV show tonight… after already spending all day on Torchwood. This week has been spent with far too many screens, or by writing many pages by hand in my journal.

But what do you notice? That’s right, folks: it’s a reading slump.

I wonder why we get into reading slumps? Are we bored? Are our eyes tired and like a kid with broccoli, push it away and cry? (I mean, yes.)

A reading slump frustrates me because I end up finding myself with a lot of free time on my hands. Yes, really. I spend so much of my time reading that it leaves gaps in my day when I have this weird inability to pick up a book.

And that is why, dear reader, I am here with this bizarre post rather than my usual week in books shenanigans. For a whole week, I simply have not read (or bought! Well done, me) anything.

Once I get out of this, I’ll come back with a “how to get out of reading slumps” post, because I’ve had many before. It just seems a bit like an amateur trying to be an expert if I post it right now.

What have you read this week? Give me some recommendations of things that will thrill me/engage me! (Please.)

2 thoughts on “Reading Slump, oh no!

  1. For me, getting out of a slump usually depends on my mood and what I’ve been watching. Sometimes I start craving a twisty mystery or a fun fantasy. Sometimes I start with an easy read, which is usually a romance. Or I reread a favorite book. I think one of Ruth Ware’s book got me out of a slump before. Good luck!!

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