Top Ten Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is ‘Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child’! I haven’t done a TTT in quite a while, but this prompt just sounded really exciting.

I read some incredible books as a child, and I’m grateful that I have a mum who recognises the importance of, and also loves, reading! I read (and reread) Malory Towers, Peter Pan, obscure adventure books, and Horrid Henry, amongst others! But there are still some I wish I could go back and read when I was little.

  1. Narnia! The first is the Chronicles of Narnia, which I want to read now, as an adult, but I’m not sure they’ll have the same whimsical feeling. I don’t know why I didn’t read them, because I loved the films.
  2. His Dark Materials. This is another one that I’m nervous will have lost the spark it might’ve had in childhood.
  3. The Wizard of Oz. I love the Wizard of Oz, but I’ve never read the original books!
  4. Dr Seuss books. I think I’ve only read the occasional Dr Seuss book; I had lots of other picture books to keep my occupied. But I would really like to know what everyone raves about.
  5. Little Women. This is one that I finished this year, but I think I would’ve really loved it as a child, and I would’ve loved to have grown up with the March sisters! Well, truth be told, I still feel like a kid, so I technically am still growing up with the March sisters…
  6. Mary Poppins. I basically grew up on this film, but I still haven’t read the original PL Travers’ books. I’d like to.
  7. A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’ve read book 1 of this series, but not the rest. I think I would’ve loved this as a kid, but no longer, really, nowadays.
  8. Heidi. I still haven’t read this one! I got a copy when I visited Austria last year, so I am going to read it.
  9. Paddington Bear. My mum loves Paddington, but I found the films quite cringey (though adorable). Maybe the books would be better!
  10. Anne of Green Gables. I’ve never read this, and I think it’s more of an American children’s book than an English one, though I had heard of it when I was younger.

So those are some of the children’s books on my list – what’s on yours?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child

  1. Well, the good thing is it’s never too late to read all the books we missed while growing up! Among these, His Dark Materials and A Series of Unfortunate Events are the ones I haven’t read yet. I’ll probably try to get into it, or bump it up in my to-read list.

    When I was growing up, one of the most popular series was Harry Potter, which I didn’t get to read either until a couple of years ago. While I regret not reading them sooner, I’m also glad that I waited until then because it gave me a deeper appreciation of the books and the characters.

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