Book Review | The Binding by Bridget Collins

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Well – this book was something else.

We follow Emmett Farmer, who discovers the existence of books. But books in this world aren’t just books – they are people. Or, to be more exact, the memories of people, the things they want to forget. A binder takes these memories away, wraps them up neatly in the book, and they can go on the shelf and be forgotten.

This book is split into three parts, but I wish the first part had been about half as long! It really dragged on, and I wasn’t interested for a really long time – it took me ages to get through. But as soon as I got to part two, I absolutely loved it!

There is a romance that I was not expecting, and it was just the best thing ever. It felt real and authentic, and it was also just one of the best-written romances I’ve seen. To be honest, I think the romance was the best part of this novel, and I wish it had been brought in faster.

As for the binding – it kind of was forgotten with the romance! In Part One, everything was about binding, but in Two & Three it really wasn’t. I think that there were some really interesting ethics brought up about forgetting or helping someone to forget. We see that characters are changed if traumatic or bad memories are taken away. I know sometimes we wish our awful memories could be removed, but they also make us who we are. Bridget Collins gave me something to really think about here, as there are plenty of things I wish I could forget!

It was also interesting thinking about what people would do if others just forgot they did it. I think in today’s era where people either never forget things that you’ve put on the internet, or immediately forget that you’ve done a bad thing, the idea of memory and how it affects your life and the lives of other people is a really fascinating question.

Overall, this book is a very slow start – but the romance and the questions this novel throws up about society is really worth continuing.

TW: suicide, sickness, homophobia

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