I recommend books based on your blog #6 |Musings of a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile

I recommend books based on your blog” is a bi-monthly series where I recommend a different blogger three books based on their blog content and blog design! 

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This time around, I am recommending books to the lovely Rachel who blogs at Musings of a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile. Rachel’s blog design is stunning – I have a severe blog crush, friends – and her writing is so good too! We seem to have really similar reading tastes, so I had a lot of fun coming up with her list of recommendations!

  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
    I literally just typed in Rachel’s URL and screamed to myself, “THE GUERNSEY ONE!” I have to recommend this book, and I don’t care if Rachel has already read it – her blog just calls for this book! It’s a fantastic book set in WWII about a writer, and it’s written in letters – just fits straight into Rachel’s aesthetic!
  2. The Tobacconist by Robert Seethaler
    Again, this one fits into the blog aesthetic, but Rachel also seems to like reading classics. Although this isn’t a classic, I was shocked to find out it was written in 2016 and not 1946! It’s a fantastic piece of literature, set in 1937, so I think that, considering what books Rachel’s read, it will fit right in.
  3. The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey
    An unusual choice perhaps, but Rachel seems to love Agatha Christie, and she reads widely. She’s also studying journalism (I told you I read these blogs when I do these posts!), and this book isn’t journalistic but I think for a journalism/English student, it’s a really fascinating read that makes you more aware of different writing styles. I thought it was a really interesting novel – takes a bit of time to read, mind you – but I think it might be something for Rachel to get her teeth into!

I wrote so much about these books! I thoroughly enjoyed all of these – despite True History being so difficult to read – and I hope that Rachel does too! All of these books have yellow/orange covers, so I think they fit into Musings’ design too. Added bonus.

Do you agree with my recommendations? What would you recommend to Rachel?

Until next time,

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